Friday, July 1, 2011


I taught a lesson in Relief Society last Sunday on desire. In D&C 7:1 it reads "And the Lord said unto me: John, my beloved, what desirest thou? For if you shall ask what you will, it shall be granted unto you." I challenged all of the women to write down their desires, and assess whether or not their lives are leading them toward those desires. I need to do the same thing, so here I go!

My desires:
1. Eternal Life
2. Temple Marriage to my best friend.
3. Be a wonderful mother
4. Speak Chinese and help the Gospel reach China
5. Lift up others, be a light in the world
6. Continue dancing through my entire life
7. Be healthy and strong
8. Be a helpful, dependable friend.

1. Eternal Life: I really do try to be worthy of Eternal Life, but I could do more to dedicate myself more each day to God. I want to work on praying more sincerely and more frequently. I should pray every morning when I wake up, before every meal, whenever I have a problem, and before bed. I also need to be more dedicated to my scripture study, even though Chronicles is SO BORING!!!
2. Temple marriage to my best friend: Well, I go on dates with boys. I try to understand them. What else can I do to work towards this? Hmm....... I'll continue to think about it.
3. Be a wonderful mother: to work towards this goal, I think I need to be a wonderful person, which I try to be.
4. Speak Chinese: I am going to study Chinese 30 minutes EVERY DAY. yes.
5. Lift up others: I try to bake cookies for people when they seem down, or give hugs and encouragement. I need to be better at remembering to pray for others, though.
6. Continue dancing: Well, I can't help but dance, so I suppose I'm doing pretty good on this one. :)
7. Be healthy and strong: I need to be more dedicated to exercising every day. I am going to wake up every day at 7:00 to exercise an hour before going to work.
8. Be a helpful, dependable friend: I try to not make commitments I cannot keep, but I could be better at that.   I really try to be there whenever a friend needs me, though, and run to their side when they need help.

Okay, so there's room to improve. Always is, and probably always will be! Jia you!