Thursday, January 19, 2012

Adventure of a Little Me!!!!

I have to relate a dream I had the other night. Lately my dreams have been....filled with curious adventures, kind of like Alice in Wonderland.

In this dream, I am a little person. Not a midget, a fairy-like person without wings, 3/4 the height of a normal human being. And I am a hero. Not just an average hero, but an epic hero. Heroine. It was up to me to save the day. Oh yeah, big responsibilities in my dreams.

I find myself on a train, rushing through a grassy countryside (I can't remember how I got on the train or why) when all the sudden I NEED to get OFF the train in order to FULFILL MY DESTINY and SAVE ...something....

My comrades, who know more about my destiny than I do (as if they've already read the last chapter of the book) help throw me off the train at just the right moment so that I land softly on a nice cushioned parcel of grass, like a baby on a bean bag. And there, next to me, are some more comrades! Fancy that! One is a little man, with dark messy hair and I know immediately that he is smart, athletic, and I need to trust him. He has a gigantic wooden bow, with a sort of column attached instead of an arrow. He told me to hold onto the bow and pull the arrow/column. So, of course, I do. I pull back the bowstring with all my might--and I can pull it back, since I am a hero--and let the column fly! It springs high into the sky, and then catches me and lifts me off the ground! A pair of wings sprout from it, and I am flying along with it like a paraglider! Except I can control my elevation and direction! Some other little people are flying with me and almost get caught in a big knuckled tree, but I manage to barely scrape through it without being stopped.

 In the distance is an expansive golden city with intricate architecture. It is the home of the humans--larger than little people like me, but also less talented. As soon as I alight, the people gather with cheery clapping and welcoming smiles. A that moment, a HUGE GIANT comes crashing in the city!!! The humans and little people (allies, of course) had an agreement with the giants! And yet this giant (and more were coming!) was BARGING IN THE CITY!!! Humans went running to hide in their homes and little corners of their city while more giants come crashing in. Me and my band of little people follow the humans to their homes, but as we reach each door it closes before we can get inside! And the main giant (the first one that came crashing in) is looking for ME!!!!! At the end of the alley is one last door, still open. I BULLET to it, shut it tight, see my little friend hide on the other side of the room, and barely have the time to slide under a pile of pillows in the closet before the giant bursts through the door! And he is not a dumb giant, he is quite aware and clever. He knows exactly where my friend and I are hiding. I am the one he has been sent to destroy, though, and so he heads for the pillows.

 As he stands next to me, breathing heavy, putrid breaths, I have a lightbulb moment. This is a dream. I am the hero in the dream. I can do WHATTEVER I want in this dream, because I am in CONTROL. It's quite a good lightbulb moment.

So before the Giant has the chance to uncover me from beneath the pillows, I POP out! I grab his forearm, and launch him forward with all my might. He crashes to the ground, and I stomp on his eyes so he won't be able to see where I go next. Then, I run out the door and randomly pick alleys in the city maze until at the end of the alley is a door towards which many little people and humans are running. I know this is the secret escape from the city.

I go through the door, and inside is an amazing organization of emergency preparedness and evacuation. There are tables of supplies, with backpacks at the beginning. I pick up a blue back and head my way down the table, picking up each supply they have. Loaves of bread, blankets, cake, and at the end was an assortment of gifts to choose from (the gifts were for friendly humans/little people who would be taking us in as refugees). I stood in front of the gifts, and chose a lovely pink jam that I thought my protectors would enjoy. Then I headed to the doorway at the end of the room which opened to an enormous choppy sea. A ship was going back and forth between the evacuation site and a plane around the corner of the building, and I could tell I would be on the next ship. As I stood in line,though, a sailboat was sailing very close to the evacuation site. I could tell the Giant was hiding behind the sails. He was still trying to find me. When the ship of refugees passed the sailboat, the Giant lifted his head above it to smell if I was there or not. He knew I wasn't there, but he knew where I was. I quickly shut the door to the sea, and screamed at everyone that a GIANT WAS COMING HERE IN JUST A MOMENT AND WE NEEDED TO MOVE! NOW!!!!

I ran across the room to a hidden door in the floor. I lifted it open, and jumped in without quite knowing what would catch me inside. It ended up feeling like jumping into a warm, dry mouth. The walls and floors were pink and squishy. An excellent landing pad. There were also tons of food supplies in the pink cavern! Many more little people and humans jumped down the hole, and we survived there for a while eating food.

Finally the Giant came crashing into the shelter! We went running away, towards a humongous waterfall with a  thin-ribbon-like pathway hugging a cliff! I was the second to last person to get to the pathway, and I knew the Giant would catch us with his massive hands. The one little person behind me turned around bravely, faced the Giant, and pronounced some ancient incantation. It made the Giant freeze in his tracks, unable to pursue us. The pact with the Giants had been magical, and all we needed to do was say this incantation and they wouldn't be able to harm us.

Don't ask me why I didn't figure that out at the beginning of the story.

Oh well. It was more exciting this way.

And we all lived happily ever after.