Sunday, February 26, 2012


I've started stitching dish cloths for my friends. Here are a couple I finished this weekend.

This one is for my roommate--she's a brilliant music major
 And her favorite flowers are pansies

 And this one is for my lovely friend who I look up to so much! (both literally and figuratively)


Have you ever looked closely at a strawberry? It's PHENOMENAL!!! They remind me of those squishy gooey tubes full of glitter that I used to play with as a kid. Plus, they're furry. Just look at it!!!

They're like these little red monsters that bring delight to the tongue. What a brilliant creation!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy President's Day!

President's Day was quite splendid.

Reason #1: I hiked Adam's Canyon in the beautiful snow with my dad. The snow formations were INCREDIBLE!!!

Reason #2: I got to take a bubble bath in the jacuzzi bathtub

Reason #3: I made creme brulee again! And this time it turned out MUCH MUCH better. It actually tasted good! Watch out, creme brulee party coming soon!!!

Reason #4: I got to go to my FIRST NBA game and cheer on the Jazz with my wonderful sister! We got a LARGE tub of popcorn and downed it before halftime. Which got me thinking-how many kernels of popcorn have I eaten in my life? Something to figure out when I'm all-knowing. And even though the Jazz lost (tear), I still had fun being with sister.

Overall it was a splendid day. Splendid, I do say!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Burnt Creme v. Creme Brulee

For my birthday this year I decided to make creme brulee. I'm not all that big of a cake fan, but I LOVE European desserts. My mom let me borrow her ramekins and flaming fire gun and so the adventure begin.

Step one: Maddie and I added the eggs and cream into the pan and began heating it. Until we read that in step two you're supposed to beat the egg yolks separately  and just throw away the egg whites. So we go fishing in our cream. We pull out all the yolks--whole, thank goodness--and do our best to pull the slimy whites out of the cream. It was.....a messy experience.....

So now that step one and step two are slightly messed up and combined, we trudge on. We debated throwing it out and starting over, but decided to continue on. Cooking is all relative, right? There are many paths to the same destination. Heat the cream, mix it into the eggs, divide it into the ramekins. Bake for 25 minutes. Except the timer accidentally gets turned they cook until I, being master-judge-who-has-never-made-creme-brulee-before decides to take them out. And they cool for a couple of hours.

Then is the exciting part! Sprinkle some white sugar on the top and turn on the flaming gun!!! You fire the sugar until it melts and then becomes a beautiful, hard, caramel brown crust. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Now its time to eat my beautiful creation. I take my spoon and *pop* it on the sugar crust, making it crack. I dig in my spoon and taste the delicacy.

It tastes....eggy. Like a gooey scrambled egg with caramelized sugar on top.

SO DISAPPOINTING!!!!  I guess I should've started over once I realized I had added the eggs wrong. Oops.

I leave this challenge for another day. I WILL CONQUER IT THOUGH!!! I WILL MAKE THE PERFECT CREME BRULEE! (This is the cliff-hanger ending all readers hate. Too bad!)