Thursday, March 15, 2012

Charli and the Chocolate Gorging.

So, I originally created this blog to share some silly romantic stories and diary entries from me when I was a teenager. Because they're HILARIOUS! Please, enjoy this little gem:

            As Charli sat there, eating chocolate, she pondered what had happened. Two nights ago, she had been dancing in the moonlight. Now, she was laying on the floor of her apartment, eating chocolate and any other comfort food by the handfuls. For the past few months, she had been having the time of her life! She had been living the Hollywood love life. She had found the love of her life. She still had the love of her life, somewhere. That was it. Somewhere.
            Charli had been dating Eric for months now. Of course, they had known each other long before that. They were good friends all throughout high school, junior high, and even elementary school. They really hadn’t seen each other as more than friends until he came back from his mission. All the sudden, from the second he walked off that plane, he was an object of interest. He was suddenly not just a boy, but he was a man, and a bachelor at that. He asked Charli on a date his first night back because, secretly, he had always hoped for more than friendship between the two of them.
            From there, it all just went smoothly.  Charli just couldn’t get him off her mind. How could she forget the way the chills went down her spine every time he reached for her hand. Or the way he’d whisper in her ear, and spread warmth to the tips of her fingers. They had going on like this for months. Nearly six months, she reminded herself as she chowed down on the ear of a chocolate bunny.
            Six months of seeing him at least a few hours every day, thinking of him the rest of it, and dreaming of him at night. And then, he had just up and left, just like that. For no reason at all. Well, there was kind of a reason, she reminded herself with a sigh that dribbled chocolate down her chin.
            They had gone on a romantic date. Dinner under the stars. Afterwards, he walked her home. At her doorstep, after another perfect kiss that made the whole world disappear, she told him how she felt. She told him she loved him. She had never told any other man this before, and she told it from the depths of her heart. And then, he simply said goodnight and walked away. He didn’t answer his phone that night. Or the next morning. Or the other five hundred times she had tried calling the next day. And now, here she was, alone, except for seventeen chocolate creatures,  twenty-three empty wrappers, and all of the stuffed animals she owned. Boy, was love confusing.
            She’d never allow herself to fall in love again. Ever. Never ever. She’d go to school, and become a successful career woman. Who needs love? Not Charli. And yet, every time she told herself this, it didn’t dull the pain. If anything, it made it worse. So she tried to just not think or feel at all. She looked down on the bunny she was half way done with. The giddy smile on its furry face made her sick. So she bit the whole head off and chewed it as monstrous and unlady-like as possible.
            Just then, the doorbell rang. She decided she didn’t want to get it. She was covered in chocolate crums, her hair was in a wild pony tail on the top of her head, and she was wearing her favorite pj’s she’d had since high school. She wasn’t exactly in the mood for visitors. But it rang again, and again, and again. So finally, she got up, brushed herself off, and walked to the door. It was the postman. He was carrying a large parcel, specially shipped from New York City, for Charli herself. The return address said it was from Eric! Quickly as possible, she signed the clip board, grabbed the package, and slammed the door in the poor man’s face.
            She hugged the box tightly against her chest, and then ran to her stuffed animals. She wanted to have an audience for this moment, whether it would be for the best or worst. Slowly, and cautiously, she started cutting off the tape from the sealed box. As soon as the box was opened, though, she lost all control, and threw the contents all over her furry friends. A hat, some chocolate(as if she hadn’t had enough already), some confetti, there must be more. At the bottom, laid a thin parcel wrapped in tissue paper. She ripped it off, and out fell a little dress. A perfect little dress. It was an old fashioned dress, and it reminded her of her grandma’s pictures of her youth. It was lavender, with short sleeves, and a v-neck collar. Around the waist, was a dark purple ribbon, which was tied in a bow in the back. She noticed now that the hat would match perfectly with it. The skirt flared out, and looked as if it were made especially for swing dancing. But, even though it was a very beautiful dress, she couldn’t help but be disappointed. A dress? He had left for days, and sent her an old fashioned outfit? There had to be more, she just knew it. She looked around at the mess she had scattered around her. There must be a card or paper somewhere….there it was. Right in Mr. Whisker’s lap. She picked up the folded piece of paper. Carefully, she unfolded it, and read:

            Dearest Charlotte,
I am extremely sorry for running off on you like that. I don’t know what to say, except that I’m sorry. So sorry. I hope you’ll forgive me. And, I’m going to make it up to you. Tomorrow, at 11:30 a.m., I’m going to pick you up for a surprise outing. I want you to wear the dress I sent in the package. My sister picked it out. I hope you like it.

            With all my love and hopes,

All the sudden, with that one little letter, the world had spun right side up. She sprang up off of the ground, dusted all the chocolate crumbs off her clothes, and ran to go get ready for tomorrow.

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