Monday, April 30, 2012

10 Things I LOVE about the one and only NEW YORK CITY

1. Love.

There are so many great love stories and chick flicks which take place in New York City. I love it! It is a perfect place to find or celebrate love. This is a plate that was on a bench in Central Park which I thought was just darling.

2. Family.

I love spending time with my fabulous Aunt Annie and Uncle Tom. The last few times I went to New York City it was with several people (cousins, parents, Aunts, Uncles), but this time it was just me and my aunt and then me and my uncle. I love spending time with them! They are so brilliant!!!

3. Big Buildings.

For some reason, there is something so pleasant about being in a huge city with gigantic buildings. You feel so small in comparison, yet somehow empowered when surrounded by these giants. This is a picture of the Trump Tower ascending into the foggy sky.

4. Random Delights.

New York City is so eclectic, you find the most random and delightful things!!! Example numbero uno---these adorable little hedgehog babies. F.A.O. Schwarz has the coolest little toys!!! I also got a fabulous collection of paper which I am so excited to use to make some one of a kind cards. There's just way more variety in New York City.

5. The Skyline.

Now, I know, this is not a picture of the skyline of Manhattan. This is a picture of the skyline looking out from Manhattan. But still, its a picture of a skyline that I took. I love looking at the New York City skyline. It's so pleasant to be outside of it and imagine the hustle and bustle within. It's so peaceful. And it makes me so happy! Time to go inside!!!

6. Art.

This is a random art project in someone's backyard year a fashion college, so I'm imagining its a college student's art project. There are all sorts of crazy art exhibits and museums in New York. Heavens, people's clothing is usually art!!! There is so much expression in vibrant colors, exciting music in the subway, concerts, and so much more!!! 

7. Gardens.

New York City is so fantastic because it has a myriad of gardens throughout the city. My favorite is Central Park. Let's be real, its fantastic. There's even a zoo inside of it!!! Hoo-rah! I love that there is space reserved for happy little green plants where people can gather and dogs can play. 

8. Graffiti

Not gonna lie, I love graffiti. Well, the graffiti which is only used for gangs to mark their boundaries is pretty not cool. It's humans marking their territories, the exact instinct dogs have, except in a much more sophisticated way. Which is actually slightly fascinating. But bad, yes. A lot of graffiti is stinkin cool though! I  love seeing the designs, the interesting lines, the vibrant colors, and the IN-YOUR-FACE feeling of graffiti. It's one of the best ways to stick it to the man, in my opinion.

9. Food.

Holy smokes, this lobster cake that I had with my Uncle Tom was SO. STINKIN. GOOD. The day before I had the most amazing Butterfly Pasta at Serendipities (to be discussed later). Food in New York is soooooooooooooo good. Even the hot dogs are worlds beyond anywhere else's hot dogs. I don't know what it is, but the food is A-MAZ-ING. If you haven't been to New York, you should go there just to eat. Seriously. Worth it.

10. Famous Places.

I didin't know what else to say about this one. But really, there is something SO COOL about going around to different shops that you've seen in movies all your life. Like Serendipities. Or FAO Schwarz. Or Dylan's Candy Shop. Or Central Park. It makes me feel so special and happy. It is so darn fun!!!

Pretty much,
N E W   Y O R K  C I T Y
I'm gonna do my best to live here someday. Even if its just for a few months, it would be FA-BU-LOUS. 


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Creepy Baby

I learned something new about myself.

I have always been told that as a baby I kind of looked funny because I was bald and my head was big. I get it. I looked like Dopey.

What I didn't know was this: I stared at people, boring into their souls with my beady little eyes, in a slightly creepy way. Yeah, that was me. The Creepy Baby.

This newly enlightening fact reminded me of one of my favorite songs---The Creep. 

"And they knew I was a creep since the day I was born
Get popping out of momma like some kettle corn
And the doctor saw my head and he starting freaking
Cause I came clean and I came out creeping"

If you haven't seen this music video before, you should.

I thought I'd add a few pictures to give you a visual of what I was probably like as a baby. 

Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

(I sure am. What if I have creepy babies!!!!)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This morning I had this for breakfast: 

Power smoothie with Kale. Surprisingly nummy.

Yesterday I bought this ring---- (Guess what its made of!)

It's made of a butterfly wing!!! Don't worry, they let the butterflies naturally die and then collect the wings. Look at the dazzling colors!!! AAAHHHH!!!!

And I saw these paintings at a vegan restaurant I ate lunch at today. I want to replicate the paint style when I get home.

Pretty much Connecticut is awesome.

Cards in Connecticut

What do I do when I am on vacation?


H*&$ No!!!

Arts and Crafts!!!!

Today I made a ton of cards. Proceed scrolling downwards if you'd like to see. :)

(awesome paper courtesy of my wonderful and always gracious Auntie Annie)


This one might not make any sense to you, but it makes perfect sense to me. 
I've already planned out who to give it to--my extremely good friend who just graduated and is moving away. 











Friday, April 20, 2012

Angels of Heather Cove 15

I want to tell you a story.

But first, let me tell you a couple of things. First, God is Great. Great as in Expansive, All-Knowing, Inspiring, and above all, Loving.  Second, He loves me very much. These two things I know without a shadow of a doubt.

After my study abroad in Nanjing, my heart was slightly broken. I had just left a place that had been the Dream and Home of my soul. I had left the people I love, and some of the best friends of my life. And I had returned to Provo, Utah. Not a bad place, but definitely not Home. I was far less than excited to be back.

I drove down to pick up my brother, Ben, from his apartment in Provo, see my old roommates, and to sign a contract for my own new apartment. I went to Heather Cove Condos and signed my forms, received a little silver key, and then went to venture into my new apartment. An apartment I knew nothing about. I didn't know my roommates names, let alone having ever met them. I didn't know how many roommates I would have. Or how many bedrooms there weree. Or how many bathrooms. So why did I sign a contract for an apartment I knew nothing about, you may ask?

In China I had NO IDEA where I was going to live when I returned to Provo. Thinking of leaving Nanjing was heartbreaking so I kind of tried not to think about it too much. I prayed every night, though, that Heavenly Father would help me to find an apartment with roommates who would love me, and who I would love. Help me to find a place where I could be happy, even if I could never be as happy as I was in China (since I thought I would NEVER be as happy as I was in China). When it got down to the crunch time, I explained to my brother via email my problem. He asked around in his ward, and discovered two different places I could live. I chose Heather Cove, and emailed the management and got signed up for apartment 15. A bit later Ben emailed me back explaining that the girls in 15 actually wanted their OTHER friend to move in, so could I trade spots with her? Sounds fine, right? I didn't know the girls in 15. I didn't know the girls in the other apartment. So why must I live in 15? I didn't know why, but I wanted to stick with 15. So I did. I told Ben I wouldn't trade, knowing that my decision might very well make my new roommate my new enemies. Sticky situation. 

Flash forward to right after I signed my contract at Heather Cove Condos. I made Ben come with me to venture into my new apartment. The door was locked, so I let myself in (slightly awkward, spying into strangers' apartment). With some jiggling the door opened, and I walked into the kitchen. Decent, nothing spectacular. But in my heart I KNEW that this was where I was supposed to be. Like when you watch a sunset, or you lay down in your comfortable bed at night and feel absolutely content--that is the feeling I had in my heart. Home.

After a few weeks of Christmas break at my parents' house, I moved into my new apartment. I was pretty darn excited, since my first encounter with the apartment was so positive.

None of my roommates were back yet. In fact, they wouldn't be back for another 2-3 days. My roommate's (Emma) stuff filled the entire room--whole closet, whole dresser, under my bed, whole desk, so I only had the top of my bed to pile my stuff on. Meaning I had nowhere to sleep, so I slept on the couch. No-one in the ward was back yet so I spent New Year's Eve watching a movie with Ben. Then, at 11:30, I went home, since there was nothing worth waiting for. When I was getting ready for bed I got a gushing bloody nose that lasted for about 20 minutes, and that is how the New Year began. Not a very good omen. I was sure I was doomed. And I cried. 

First time I met Maddie I was terrified. "I hope she likes me! Put on a good impression!" I thought. She basically only said hi to me, and then went off to talk to some boys. First impression of her--cute, tall, very sociable with boys. 

First impression of Kelsi--strong-willed, don't-get-on-her-bad-side-or-else-I'll-die, and dependent. 

The plot thickens. My roommate Emma wanted to move, and Maddie and Kelsi still wanted their other friend (Lauren) to move in. With a great deal of finageling, TWO WEEKS INTO THE SEMESTER, a miracle occured and Emma was able to move out, leaving space for Lauren to move in.

First impression of Lauren--fashionable, pretty, she'll-probably-never-like-me.

Maddie, Kelsi, and Lauren were all really tight, like super super good friends. And I wasn't. But I tried. I stayed up late talking with them to try and become a part of them. I laughed at their jokes when I really didn't think they were that funny. When they fell over on the floor laughing so hard, I laid on the floor and forced myself to laugh. I wanted to fit in. 

And eventually, I was sometimes the one making them laugh. And I finally understood their humor, so my laughs were sincere. And I was staying up late because I wanted to--because I didn't want to miss any of the fun! 

We stayed up until 2 in the morning most nights, just playing and laughing. We watched movies together all the time, instead of doing homework. We slept in on Saturdays, watched a movie until 12, and then cleaned for a bit and played the rest of the day. We ran the Dirty Dash, dyed Easter Eggs, hiked, dressed up John Wayne, stole a toaster, dyed hair, cried, laughed until we cried, found our natural laughs, and had so much fantastic fun. After a while, Lauren moved out, and Beth moved in, and the fun continued. Chick-flicks, chocolate gorging, long walks, tie-dye, and more pranks.

And without knowing it, I'd become closer to the girls of Heather Cove 15 than I'd ever been to anyone else in my entire life.  And I'd found my home. 

I cannot tell you how amazing my roommates are. Or how they make me want to be better. Or how I look forward to coming home each day just so I can talk to them. Or how they make me laugh, just by the intonation of their voice. Pretty much they are the best people I know. And I don't think I've ever been happier. 

Who knew heaven could be in Provo, Utah? I found it in Heather Cove 15. Not because of the apartment, but because of the angels there. 

I know Heavenly Father lined this all up perfectly, because there were so many small miracles that brought me here and made everything perfect. I have developed emotionally, spiritually, and socially such a great deal here. I am more myself than I ever have been. And I am surrounded by people who love me, and who I love. 

God is Great. He loves me so much. 

Thank you Heavenly Father, for sending me to Heather Cove 15. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

When Humans Had Wings.

Once upon a point in the indefinite continuation of existence, when the sky was still lavendar, and the sun was still pure white, humans had wings. Golden wings. Now, these weren't just little wings for decoration or anything. They were full-fledged wings which could out-span their arms when unfolded. The wings were covered in lovely, fluffy golden feathers which helped catch the wind so that people could soar the lavendar sky.

But there was one issue with the wings.

They were very difficult to use. People had to train for many years to build up the muscles strong enough to be able to even flap their wings, let alone do it for enough time to lift off the ground. Many people began the training for flight, but would stop after a week, month, or year, because it was so strenous. But those who continually practiced every day, for many years, built up the strength to lift themselves off the ground and soar through the air. And once they were actually in the air, flight wasn't very difficult at all! The most strenuous part was getting the strength to leave the ground and get into the sky. After that, they could soar pretty well on their strong golden-feathered wings. They would meet with their fellow winged-friends--the birds--and soar through mountain passes, soar over forests, and soar through the clouds. It was a great blessing and joy to be able to fly with the birds.

Now, the people who couldn't fly became quite jealous. They were frustrated at not being able to fly, which caused anger towards those who could. And once they had made the decision to not try to fly anymore, as soon as they held resentment towards those who could fly, they lost their wings. As you can imagine, this made them even more irritated and angry. Because although they never were going to use their wings, they kind of liked knowing there was still that possibility to fly. So they decided to revenge on those who still had their wings, and could fly. They planned and schemed and ranted and raged until the world was too dangerous a place for the poor flying-men and women to live. 

So they flew into the sky. Young and old, men and women, all the people who still had wings, flapped their great golden wings and alighted to the air. Even small children, who had not yet the strength to use their wings, were carried in the stronger people's arms. And they flew towards the sun, knowing that there they would find a safe place to learn, grow, and live. 

As the humans flighted towards their future, some birds joined into their throng. They thought it might be nice to come along--they didn't want to be separated from their dear flying friends. But after some discussion, it was decided that they should stay. The birds would stay on earth as a reminder to the humans of the time that they had also had wings. 

It was also decided that in time, when the non-winged humans were ready, the winged-humans would return to earth and help them regain their wings. Because there was a way to again receive wings. It was certainly not easy, and would certainly take a great deal of time and patience, but there was a way. 

And so, knowing that they would someday reunite, the birds and the humans left each other; the birds flew back to the trees and the men and women flew towards the sparkling white sun. 

The End.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Awkward Engagement

Advice #1: Don't ask a boy about his engagement unless you KNOW he's engaged.

Today I was in the company of an acquaintance who I thought was engaged. I proceeded to inquire concerning his upcoming marriage. Except he's not engaged, as he soon informed me. After that was settled, there was really nothing to talk about and an awful arena of awkwardness proceeded to envelope us. Don't do it. Learn from my mistake.

To go along with this little thought, I googled "awkward engagement" on google images and found some gems. I will post some of my favorites. :)

" For our engagement pictures, let me stare at the back of your head to show off how much I love you."
"Okay, and I'll stare off into the distance with my dark sunglasses, symbolizing my hope that our future will be sunny."

Makes perfect sense.

 Not gonna lie, my first thought when I saw this picture was--these kids must be BYU students.
And it made me proud. :)

Kelsi, I know you're going to be tempted to do this with your husband/boyfriend/fiance someday, but please, restrain yourself. It's just a little too close for comfort. Unnecessary. And Unsanitary.

And by the way, isn't AWKWARD an awkward word? The two Ws just keep on throwing me off! It definitely fits its name.