Friday, April 6, 2012

When Humans Had Wings.

Once upon a point in the indefinite continuation of existence, when the sky was still lavendar, and the sun was still pure white, humans had wings. Golden wings. Now, these weren't just little wings for decoration or anything. They were full-fledged wings which could out-span their arms when unfolded. The wings were covered in lovely, fluffy golden feathers which helped catch the wind so that people could soar the lavendar sky.

But there was one issue with the wings.

They were very difficult to use. People had to train for many years to build up the muscles strong enough to be able to even flap their wings, let alone do it for enough time to lift off the ground. Many people began the training for flight, but would stop after a week, month, or year, because it was so strenous. But those who continually practiced every day, for many years, built up the strength to lift themselves off the ground and soar through the air. And once they were actually in the air, flight wasn't very difficult at all! The most strenuous part was getting the strength to leave the ground and get into the sky. After that, they could soar pretty well on their strong golden-feathered wings. They would meet with their fellow winged-friends--the birds--and soar through mountain passes, soar over forests, and soar through the clouds. It was a great blessing and joy to be able to fly with the birds.

Now, the people who couldn't fly became quite jealous. They were frustrated at not being able to fly, which caused anger towards those who could. And once they had made the decision to not try to fly anymore, as soon as they held resentment towards those who could fly, they lost their wings. As you can imagine, this made them even more irritated and angry. Because although they never were going to use their wings, they kind of liked knowing there was still that possibility to fly. So they decided to revenge on those who still had their wings, and could fly. They planned and schemed and ranted and raged until the world was too dangerous a place for the poor flying-men and women to live. 

So they flew into the sky. Young and old, men and women, all the people who still had wings, flapped their great golden wings and alighted to the air. Even small children, who had not yet the strength to use their wings, were carried in the stronger people's arms. And they flew towards the sun, knowing that there they would find a safe place to learn, grow, and live. 

As the humans flighted towards their future, some birds joined into their throng. They thought it might be nice to come along--they didn't want to be separated from their dear flying friends. But after some discussion, it was decided that they should stay. The birds would stay on earth as a reminder to the humans of the time that they had also had wings. 

It was also decided that in time, when the non-winged humans were ready, the winged-humans would return to earth and help them regain their wings. Because there was a way to again receive wings. It was certainly not easy, and would certainly take a great deal of time and patience, but there was a way. 

And so, knowing that they would someday reunite, the birds and the humans left each other; the birds flew back to the trees and the men and women flew towards the sparkling white sun. 

The End.

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