Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer Adventure #2: CUTTING DOWN A TREE

I get home from work and what do I find? Pappy's on a ladder leaned up an old tree with a chain saw above his head.

Bad news Johnson!!!

And its not even our tree.

But it was completely rotten, and Pappy decided, out of the kindness of his heart, to saw it down in order to spare our lives, our house's life, and the power lines surrounding the tree. (His motivation had nothing to do with the fact that he LOVES cutting down trees. I'm sure it was ENTIRELY a selfless gesture. Right? Which makes it okay, right? Sure, yeah. You betcha!!!)

And it ended up being really fun. :) 

Pappy sawed down the tree section by section until there was just a 10 foot stump in the ground, which we pushed over with our brute force. HEAVE! HO! HEAVE! HO! (Yes, I did shout this out as we were pushing it over. While wearing a skirt. It's who I am!!!)

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