Saturday, June 30, 2012


I went out walking with my Chinese family today and I thought about how great it is that I get to have them in my life for these two months. They were married a few years ago, and moved to Beijing two years ago. But what if they hadn't? Then I wouldn't have ever met them! And I possibly wouldn't have a family to stay with and would have to stay in the dorms by myself for two months. But instead they're here--married, with an adorable little girl, good jobs so they can have me, and life experiences that made them open to have a strange live with them. Life has so many possibilities, so many roads, choices, options, its boggling! And yet somehow it works out. Like magic, there is a wonderful family prepared and willing to take me in. And things like this happen all the time! It is extraordinary to think of all the possible dimensions of existence and somehow we ended up in this one. And in most ways it is pretty darn great.

Looking forward, its the same. So many roads to take! Daily choices, life-altering ones, decisions we make without even knowing it. And it will all somehow work out. I wonder what people are being prepared right now for me to meet in the future. People in Bulgaria who I will teach. People are meeting who will have children who I will teach High School history and Chinese to. And perhaps those children will go on missions because they studied Chinese in my class. But right now their parents are just meeting. Merely going on a first date. It all seems so serendipitous! And at the same time, I am being prepared for other people. I am being prepared with lessons that I will teach my future children. I am being prepared for a man who I will meet and fall in love with. I am being prepared for primary children I will teach, sisters I will visit teach, friends who will need a happy word or a hug. And with the Master's help, I will be there when someone needs me. Just like people seem to always be there when I need them. I guess its not so serendipitous after all.

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