Monday, July 16, 2012


On Saturday my tutor took me, Julia and Chris to 798. 798 used to be a big factory area, but then developed into the major art section of Beijing. There are tons of art exhibitions, interesting statues, and fun shops to look at. 

First we went to the CAT store. It sells all things cat--statues, earrings, necklaces, books, all focused on CATS.

Me and Jade (my tutor) next to a cat statue outside the cat store.

One of many un-interpretable statues.

I liked this golden fish. It stood out from the rest. Way to be original. :)

The graffiti here was way cool!


A scared caged man. Standing next to him, I am equally afraid.

Baby riding a tank marked as MADE IN CHINA. 

Creeper children: AKA Steve and Greg.

I liked this sketch because of the wild natural lines of nature and then the little hidden house in the right corner. Its lovely.

A French art exhibit we went to. Not gonna lie, I liked its art better than the Chinese art exhibits. I guess I'm just more used to European-style art. That, and it was less modern than the Chinese art.

Old factories at 798. You can see Bumble sculpture on the right.

I thought this was beautiful too. I love the starkness of black and white and the long reflections of the people. 

Its amazing how at an art exhibit, a parakeet can be the most entertaining thing, ha! I walked around and looked at the art while everyone else gathered around the little bird.

I met Bumblebee!

I drank this "sour milk" drink which is basically just yogurt. Its so good! Made me so excited to go to Bulgaria, home of yogurt! Yay!!!

Pretty much, I need to go there again. There was so much to see! I love art!

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