Saturday, July 28, 2012


Today I had the opportunity to go to Dhady-Khalou's baptism. Holy smokes this is the coolest branch ever.

Dhady-Khalou is from the Congo. He doesn't speak much English, and he doesn't speak much Chinese. He speaks French. He's very tall and seems rather humble and quiet when you meet him. When he smiles his face radiates joy. He grew up in the Congo in very difficult circumstances; his parents didn't show love for him and kept him at a distance; his sister was killed; he was captured by the liberals in war; when captured, he was put in a group of 50 men---all of them were killed except Dhady. I'd say his life has been pretty difficult. I believe he moved to Beijing to work. His friend, Armene Gasagara, is from Rwanda and was baptized here in the Beijing Branch a few months ago. Armene now has the priesthood, taught Dhady about the Gospel, and today was the one to baptize Dhady.  It was such a beautiful baptism. Dhady bore his testimony of how he knew the Church was true, and that the Church now felt like his family. Throughout the day he kept on tearing up, and looking down to hide his emotions. But he also kept flashing his brilliant smile which was lit up with the Spirit. Man, I barely know him, but I feel honored to have met him and attended his baptism!

Here's Armene baptizing Dhady in the swimming pool.

Dhady and Armene after the baptism (I don't know why this is sideways but I can't fix it)

All of us went to Dairy Queen after to celebrate Dhady's baptism. I love these people!

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