Friday, July 27, 2012

Childlike Chinese

I have discussed the general mentality of Chinese with many people and the best possible word I can find is "childlike." Of course, this is a stereotype, and there are exceptions. But to me, the Chinese people are some of the most childlike people in the entire world.

First of all, they are humble. Many of them because they are compelled to be. But overall, they seem very humble and teachable. This is one reason why I think the Gospel is going have great progress in China once it's allowed.

They are also childlike in that they a bit gullible and this often causes them to do silly things. For example, after the hurricane and nuclear problem in Japan, there was a huge run on salt! Why? Because iodine (in rather large amounts) is supposed to help against radiation. And of course, salt has iodine (though not nearly enough to have an affect against radiation) and so millions of Chinese people ran to the stores to buy salt. Soon, all the salt was bought up. So what then? To the ocean! Drink the water! When I heard this story I just could not believe it! It is crazy how the Chinese people just take an imperfect idea, with flawed logic, and run with it to the ends of the earth.

Personally, I think that the childlike mentality in China is very endearing. Sometimes it is annoying, because it causes weird things to happen. But then I just have to remind myself how much I love these wonderful little Children of God.

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