Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Floods and Poo

On Saturday my three friends and I went shopping at this huge clothing market. It was so fun. :) After a few hours, many purchases, we were laden with plastic bags and ready to go back to hotel. When we walked outside, it was pouring! I have never seen such ferocious rain in my life. But taxis were scarce, and the hotel was only a couple blocks away, so I ran into the rain and they followed. No, we were not smart enough to buy umbrellas. It soon became apparent that the walk was longer than we had remembered. Also, it seemed the longer we were in the environment, the angrier the rain became. Within minutes we were all soaked to the core. And, as luck would have it, 3/4 of us were wearing white shirts. As we ran and screamed through the streaming shower and waded through rivers and waterfalls, Chinese people stood dry in the shops and restaurants watching us. You can bet we caused a few smiles and laughs that day. :)

Later that night we ventured out again, and this time the water in the street was about a foot tall! It was so tall that I couldn't see where the street/sidewalk ledges were, so I tripped and lost a flip flop. And all the while, the rain continued coming down and the heavens thundered. It felt like the end of the world.

Go here to look at pictures of the Beijing Floods.

The next day I learned that this was the worst Beijing rainfall in the last 60+ years! At least 37 people died, (I don't know if that number is honest or not, probably not). And worst of all, some of them died by falling into open sewage pipes. They couldn't see the opening because the water was so thick on the streets, and before they knew it, they were drowning in sewage. I'm just sayin, that's a bad way to go. Also, the next day the streets smelled like poo. Because they were poo-ey. It was not my favorite thing.

Oh China is such an adventure. :) Thank goodness for good friends and the Holy Ghost to help me survive.

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