Friday, July 13, 2012

Kite Making!

This week I signed up for a Kite-Making class! So fun!!!

This is my Phoenix Kite. I still haven't flown it, but I am quite proud of it. Unfortunately, my teacher didn't like it very much. Notice how the strands are extensions of the tail though? And notice the Oriental-detailed claws? Definitely the best (and only) phoenix I've ever painted.

I also made and painted this lovely butterfly. This one I have flown and its quite delightful. It's connected to a stick with a two foot string and you swing it up into the air while walking and it glides along for a while and then falls, so you do it again. I have her hanging above my bed, and she blows in the breeze when the windows are open. Its lovely. :)

And this is the bird kite that my teacher gave me. Its much sturdier than my butterfly, and not nearly so cool since I didn't paint it.

I think I've found a new hobby. :)

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