Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lost Puppy

Sometimes I feel like a lost puppy in Beijing.

The first time was when I tried to find my way to Church all by myself. My Chinese family told me which direction to walk and what bus number to get on. So pretty much I just walked out the door and prayed. I left an 120 minutes early and 120 minutes after sweating on the bus I was wandering around the streets without a clue of where to go. I asked 6 or 7 Chinese people on the street how to get to the building (doing my best to translate its name into Chinese since I only had its English name) and pretty much just followed their pointing fingers until MIRACLE OF MIRACLES I found the Church building!!! However, I will admit that along the way I was frustrated. I was lonely; I REALLY wanted to be at Church; I wanted to take the sacrament; I was tired of the dirty street; I teared up from frustration and was not happy.

Last week at 10:30 pm I was on bus towards home after playing in the city with friends. I was so lucky to have caught one of the last buses! Especially since I was laden down with humongous bags of stuff from the store. Seriously, I practically was carrying all my possessions like a homeless person--backpack bulging, purse, and an enormously heavy garbage bag full of stuff. When the bus sign alerted that we had reached BaJiaLu (my stop) I hopped of the bus realized that it was a stop too early. Unfortunately, the bus was already gone. So I picked up my stuff, reminded myself that Confucius said the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and began stepping towards home. It was dark. The streets were basically empty, except for random guys hanging out and walking around. I wasn't sure if I was ever supposed to turn or just go straight. But I kept walking. And you know what? I was not frustrated. Albeit I had been carrying all my stuff around for 14 hours that day, and I still hadn't done my homework due at 8:00 the next morning, I was quite jolly. I was filled with profound peace and contentment with the world. And eventually, after walking for 30-40 minutes down the road, I reached my apartment safe and happy.

Conclusion: I may still get lost, but I have grown. I think I am stronger puppy than I was when I first came to Beijing.

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