Friday, July 13, 2012


I miss salad. A lot. A stinkin lot. Because all I eat are oily carbs and fatty meat. Seriously. Every meal is fried carbs, sometimes then on top of rice. The meals with my family are better but still not quite satisfying. 

One of their most delectable dishes (according to them) are these little fishes. Bones, fin, eyeball, brains, are all there. the fish are dried and then marinated in something. The flavor actually isn't too bad, texture a little chewy, its just the fact that its staring me down as I eat it that freaks me out.

One night we had chicken soup at the end of dinner! (Chinese people drink soup at the END of every meal to fill in the holes of still-emptiness). I was so excited that it was chicken instead of pork! I miss chicken! After eating a piece, I dug in for more and found........ CHICKEN FOOT! Not quite the same as American chicken soup.

You better believe I didn't eat the foot. I honestly didn't eat the fish head either. I did eat the fin though. And I have now become accustomed to eat shrimp with their heads, outer shell, legs, and everything. It's too mafan/troublesome to just eat the meat.

When I'm home I'm grilling some white meat chicken breast. Just sayin.

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