Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Missionary in China

I honestly think I came to China to prepare for being a missionary.

I met this awesome girl here who is investigating the Church. Oh she is awesome! Her faith is tremendous. I have been going to Church with her and yesterday and tonight I went to missionary discussions with her.

First of all, missionary discussions are the best thing in the world. Holy smokes I love them. I am so excited for this to be my one purpose for the next year and a half.

Also, I wanted to share this completely awesome story of another girl in the branch who was just baptized in China in the last month. She is from England and has been working in Beijing for the last year. She had a good friend who was Mormon with her in Beijing. One day, they were riding the subway discussing what to give up for Lent (she was never religious, but most people in Britain practice Lent regardless of religious devotion). She was running out of ideas, and then she spouted, "Why don't I give up Atheism? I could be Mormon for Lent." As you can imagine, this idea slightly shocked her friend. What an idea! Be Mormon for Lent! So she gave up coffee, tea, and alcohol. She started praying and reading The Book of Mormon. She said that praying felt very strange to her, because she never believed in God. But as she went through Lent, her heart was open to the spirit and she was touched. She received the missionary discussions in the Beijing Branch and was baptized. Her testimony is golden and her faith is truly inspirational. Oh I look up to her so greatly. And her conversion is one of the coolest things I've ever heard!

Pretty much the Beijing Branch is full of fantastic and inspiring people. I am so blessed to be here. I so look up to all of them. I feel like a small chick hanging out with golden eagles. There is so much to learn and study and accomplish. I have to keep on reminding myself that it will all happen in due time. I'm doing my best and the Lord knows it.

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