Friday, July 6, 2012

The First Pizza: Made In CHINA.

A few delightful things today.

First, I rode my bike to school. :)

Meaning this little beaut. Faster than taking the bus, plus no crowding in with other sweaty people first thing in the morning. The weather was really cool because of last night's rain and it felt lovely. I quote my exact thought as I was on the road, "Golly G Willickers I like biking."

Other fantastic things happened, and then this.

The Li Family calls it a Xianr Pin (filled bun), but I have chosen to dub it Moon Bread Filled with Delectible Goodness.

Gaze your eyes on this:

It is this delightful bread/scone/heaven stuffed with a mixture of meat and veggies. Not too much meat, but doesn't taste green. It tastes GOOOOOD. I ate the whole thing. And the family was proud. :) 

Funny story about these guys. Here's some Chinese culture for ya. 

Before the Italians ever made pizza, the Mongolians swept through Italy and with them they brought.....Moon Bread Filled With Delectable Goodness. The Italians were so overwhelmed by this Delectable Goodness that they when the Mongols were gone, they wanted to make it themselves. But they got it all wrong! They didn't remember to put the top on it!!! And thus pizza was created. 
(Now, I would like to point out that Li Baba did say this story was just a joke, so its not really taken seriously, I don't think........But I think it well demonstrates the Chinese opinion that China is the center of the universe.)

After dinner I got to watch Madagascar in Chinese with Fiona and her friend. Let me tell you, it wasn't as funny in Chinese, since the voices are different, and the background music is absent, but it is still funny. 

And it was a good day.

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