Monday, August 6, 2012

Cease-Fire and Peace

There has been a cease-fire with Grandpa. Peace is in the land.

It all started with me making breadsticks for dinner. This was a scary feat for several reasons.

1. I didn't have the right ingredients. I didn't have any garlic salt, any cheese, and I didn't know what kind of yeast or flour I was using.

2. I didn't have any measuring cups. Chinese homes don't measure. So, I guestimated. It was exciting.

3. I didn't have a normal baking pan. So I made do with what I had---a circular pan!

And you know what? It turned out all right. The bread wasn't very garlicy--I was afraid of using too much real garlic so I used very small amounts. It didn't rise the same way it does in America. And it didn't have any of the good herbs in my American garlic salt. But it was warm, squishy, good (even if its flavor was simple) bread. And the family really liked it! Score! Grandma wants my recipe. :)

During dinner I had some very good discussions with my Chinese family. We talked about different dialects in China. They taught me a bit of their local dialect which was really fun. We also talked about different languages and their different difficulties. I can talk about languages. It was great! I got to be  a part of the conversation!

Grandpa loves to show me how good he is at speaking English. He gave me a thumbs up and said "OK OK."

After dinner I was putting the extra bread away while grandpa washed the dishes. He said to me--"You can become a teacher." Which was the nicest thing he's said to me and it meant a lot.

Peace has ensued in the land! Hallelujiah! The magic of good bread!

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