Monday, August 6, 2012

Tibetans for Mormonism--Stick it to the Communist Man!

As luck would have it, my tutor for this study program is an adorably kind Tibetan girl named Jade. To say the least, she has a unique perspective on China and Communism.

After the two inquisitions into my religion last night at dinner (as seen on latter post) I received a third today from Jade.

We were talking about weddings.

Jade: "What are American weddings like?"

Me: "Because of my Church, my wedding will be different. We go to a temple to get married (she looked up a temple to see what they look like). I have never been to a Mormon wedding in the temple but I know that they are very simple and beautiful. After the wedding everyone gets together for a celebration. We usually eat food and dance. Its very fun."

Jade: "So your wedding is different from other western weddings?"

Me: "Yes, definitely."

Jade: "I heard something about your Church! I heard you don't have abortions."

Me: "No, we don't have abortions. We want to protect children. We love children. Before a girl is pregnant she can take pills to control when she gets pregnant. But after she is pregnant she should protect the baby."

Jade: "I think this is very good. Tibetans also think this way. We want to protect our children. You know what? You should go on your mission to China!!!!"

Me (heart turned really sad): "I would love to, but I can't."

Jade: "Why not!?"

Me: "Because of the Chinese government. It restricts the Mormon Church in China."

Jade: "Why!"

Me: "The Chinese government allows 5 main western churches in China and the Mormon Church is different from all of them. So it has restrictions. For example, international Mormons cannot meet with Chinese Mormons. The international Mormons meet together on Sunday, and after we leave, the Chinese Mormons can come meet together."

Jade: "That is terrible! That is so unfair! I hate Communism!"

(keep in mind we're in a public coffee shop surrounded by people.)

Me: "My Church wants to respect the government and follow their rules. And the relationship between my Church and the Chinese government is getting better and better, so in the future we will be able to meet together."

Jade: "That is good. I hope in the future your Church will have more freedom in China."

From your lips to God's ears sister.

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