Sunday, October 7, 2012


So, big news about the age of missionaries, right? Everyone's talking about it on facebook and twitter and the news and all that jazz.


There's something else

that no one else is talking about

but I am even MORE excited about!!!

In the press conference after the Saturday morning session, Elder Holland, when explaining some of the details of the new missionary rules, said that missionaries time in the MTC is going to be decreased by about 1/3!!!!!


If you've talked to me in the past month or so, you've probably heard me complain about having to be restricted to a one-mile radius for THREE months when I could just learn Bulgarian IN BULGARIA instead.

But now, I THINK, I'm not SURE  but I think I'll only be in there for about two months. Hopefully. Fingers crossed. And if that is the case, I am worlds excited. Who knows, I could even be in Bulgaria by Christmas. Wouldn't that be jolly. :) I'd be quite thrilled.

But either way, I will survive. Still, keep your fingers crossed!!! Send me to Bulgaria ASAP!!!!!

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