Sunday, October 7, 2012

Goals for the Mission

I've decided to make some goals to live by and aspire to while serving my mission. Heaven help me in achieving these goals.

#1: Don't complain.

I am making it a goal to not to complain about anything. Sometimes I say one negative thing, and before you know it I have digressed into a bitter rant that leaves me rather negative. Not good. I am not going to complain on my mission. When it is cold and I am tired and all my lessons just failed miserably and my companion is driving me crazy I am going to bite my tongue, pick up my skirts and keep on working. No complaints.

#2: Don't look back.

This one might be one of the hardest to follow because my life is so full of the most wonderful people and fun adventures I could ever dream of, that looking back is such a temptation! Man, I could just dwell on the past and my family and friends all day long because they're so great. But I don't want to, as that will keep me from living in the present and wholly dedicating my attention to my work. So I'm not going to. I will appreciate mail and contact and be grateful for everything I have been given. But I will not dwell, will not allow myself to be sad. I will look forward with faith.

#3: Forget about myself.

When I interviewed with my bishop he had me recognize that if I served a mission, I would be asked to give up my life to serve. And I agreed to do it. So I am going to do it wholly. Meaning that I will work morning until night to serve with my whole heart, mind, and body. I will not feel bad that I don't have "me" time because a mission is means having absolutely zero "me" time. And I am going to be dedicated to that and be happy with that. Happiness comes from serving others anyways, right?!

#4: Love others with my whole heart.

I feel like this one will be relatively easy for me. I have a tendency to love people and love them real deep. However, sometimes I hesitate to love because I am judgmental, scared of being vulnerable, or I just don't feel like opening up my heart at the moment. I am going to try to throw these dumb antisocial tendencies in the rubbish bin and really strive to wholly, unconditionally, vulnerably open up and love people around me. This means my companions (be they totally weird or completely awesome) and Bulgarians (be they bitter or kind). I am going to go on a loving spree. And its going to be great. :)

#5. I am not going to fear.

Faith and love cast out all fear. And what's a better time to use my faith and love to vanquish fear than on a mission? I will not be afraid of failure because I have faith that my best will be enough. I will not fear people's judgment because God is my judge. I will not fear spiders because I don't think they actually will kill me.....chances are they won't. I will not fear Bulgarian because I have faith I can learn it. I am going to have faith. And when my faith isn't enough, I will pray for more faith. And it'll all be alright.

And those are my goals. Ha, wish me luck.....

And may the force be with you.

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