Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ode to If

You seem offended that I say IF and not WHEN. You're all on my case about it, even the monkey down the street (when there was a monkey, but he seems to have disappeared). The difference between a IF and a WHEN is that the WHEN has an expectation of entitlement attached to it. It typically, inevitably, leads to disappointment in the heart of the sayer. Perhaps children should read more books from India where the magis give up desire and seek to join the river peacefully. Just around the river bend is a fairy tale. I'm talking about the rivers in the fields, living through the cows and shoots. That kind of life doesn't give up hope; its free. I ant to be a weightless bird floating beyond gravity in the blue. I refuse to say WHEN.

However, dearest friend, I maintain my right to accept WHEN it happens (that is, IF it does.....)

Thank you very much.

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