Monday, November 12, 2012


My scripture is Alma 29: 1 and 10. I like that chapter a whole bunch. Elder Breeze is from Indianapolis Indiana. He really is so nice and I'm lucky to have him in my classes. Some of the other elders would be awkward to have class all day alone with but Elder Breeze is awesome and not awkward. My companion is Sister Burton from Eagle Mountain Utah. She studied Chemical Engineering at BYU before her mission. Its  fun that I'll see her around BYU when I get back!

This week we had a devotional that was so good. The speaker really emphasized the heart, what is in your heart. And I realized that although I was following the rules, I was resisting them with my heart and not fully enveloping myself in the MTC. So I've been working to change my heart. And its really helped!!!! I can feel the spirit more strongly and I enjoy the MTC a whole lot more which is good. I am so sick of the food but oh well. Last night we had mashed potatoes the texture of homemade salt play-dough (too much corn starch added to potato pearls, I think), dry turkey, and cold boiled broccoli. Yummy. I haven't been too hungry this week so some meals I just drink some juice and have a bowl of soup.

Funny story about Bulgaria: MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL.

So in one of the branches of Bulgaria there is a man nick named Michael the Archangel. One day, when my teacher was sitting in testimony meeting (with only about three other people at church) he heard some blades against the floor. He turned around and there was Michael the Archangel, dressed up as an angel--complete with wings and a halo--rollerblading down the aisle. He went to the pulpit and started commanding all the people to leave the Chruch and follow him. He was starting his own church. Apparently he's quite well known in that branch and by the missionaries because he often tries to come to Church. I hope I get to meet him. :)

Bulgarian is super hard but I do really like it. I keep on writing English words with the Cyrillic alphabet which I guess is a good sign. Here is my simple testimony in Bulgarian:  Аз знам че бок е жив. Аз знам че исус христос е единението ми. Аз знам че бок слуше мояти молитви. Аз обичъм евангелието и церквата на исус христос!!!!

In English, I know that God is real!!! Holy smokes I know it and I love it. I love my Savior so much. He is just so wonderful to me. I know that the Gospel is a plan of HAPPINESS. It is so joyful! I just want to shout to the world and invite everyone to come to Christ!!!! I want to be as happy and as loving as I can be because that is how Christ lived His life and since I am wearing His name on my badge every day, I need to be like Him. I love my savior so much!! And I absolutely love prayer. It is the greatest thing ever.

Since day one I have been dying to speak Chinese and teach the Gospel in Chinese. Often, when I'm teaching lessons, I slip into Chinese and I have to try really hard to speak Bulgarian instead. But I'm more convinced than ever that I need to study Chinese and teach Chinese when I get back. I just absolutely love it and I want to help China in any way that I can. I absolutely love China. I pray so hard that I can help the wonderful Chinese people somehow, someday. But for now I am so excited to go to Bulgaria. I am loving the Bulgarian people more and more each day. I just know I am going to fall in love with all of the people there. And hopefully my love for them will melt down their walls so they'll actually want to talk to me. Bulgaria is awesome.

In all the devotionals the speakers and Mission Presidency always talk about how the Lord is hastening His work and that's why the age was changed. It wasn't to be convenient for Elders and Sisters. Its because the Lord is hastening His work. They also continually remind us that we have got to work HARD because we are going to be training the new missionaries very soon after being in the field. There are as many applications from sisters as there are sisters in the field so the amount of sister missionaries is going to DOUBLE!!! AHHHH!!! So scary because how am I supposed to train someone if I have no idea what I'm doing!!! I think its realy cool, though, because when I felt like I needed to serve a mission in May, I felt like I needed to go NOW. Put my papers in right NOW. Don't wait a single day. And so I didn't, I worked really hard to get my papers in real soon. I really think its because Heavenly Father wanted me to go in the first wave of increased missionaries. I am so glad that He told me to go now and not wait so that I can have all the time at the MTC to learn Bulgarian, get out in the field and get a grasp of the work, and then do what He needs me to do. He just has His hands over all of the work and all of our lives and holy smokes He is amazing. This is His work and I am so grateful to be a part of it.

This week I was made Coordinating Sister of my Branch so I get to be the mother hen to the other sisters. There's only two other sisters right now so its easy cheese. This week we get 20 new elders and no new sisters!! AHH!! I need more sisters!!! I'm really excited to be coordinating sister, though. Also, tomorrow in the devotional I get to give the prayer! Smokes, in front of everyone!!! So if you find the devotional online, you could see my face and hear my prayer, ha ha. Thank heavens I've been praying since I could talk so its not too intiidating.

It is really snowy down here and I love the snow!!! I wear my winter boots all the time. They seriously keep me so warm!!! My first week I was freezing cold all of the time, no matter how many layers I put on. Then I started wearing my boots and I am perfectly warm with just a long sleeved shirt or a cardigan. Thank heavens for my boots. I LOVE them!!!

I love you all so much and I love getting all of your letters. I have gotten more mail than anyone else in my District and all the elders tease me for it, but I love it. :) I love mail!!! I love letters!!! You could even just look up jokes or funny stories and send them to me because they totally make my day. Thank you so much for all of your love and support. You all are the best!!!!

Love you forever and beyond!!! Keep on smiling and being as happy as you possibly can!!!

Sister Stenquist.

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