Tuesday, November 6, 2012

MTC Food, Bulgarian, and LA!!

Hallo my friends!
First, business:
The food here is okay. Some meals I love, the  meat usually is dry and tough but oh welll. I eat a lot of salad and their soups are really  yummy. Also, I had ice cream for the first time yesterday. A lovely bowl of vanilla ice cream with hot caramel, hot chocolate fudge, brownies, oreos, and m&ms on top. Yay me. :) My departure date really is December 17. 
Alright, stories from this week.
So, Bulgarian is hard. Way harder than Chinese. This week I learned how to conjugate verbs in the present tense. I learned how to change adjectives to be masculine or feminine. I learned how to pluralize nouns. I learned that Bulgarian has EIGHTEEN TENSES!!!!! AHHHHH! So right now everything I can say is in the present tense----I pray, you read, I love,  etc. And I have seventeen more tenses to learn. Yay. :) Also, they put the word "the" at the END  of a word. For example, to say "the cat" you'd say "catthe." And to say "the pretty house" you'd say "prettythe house." Its kind of confusing. So I can talk......very.....slowly.......and I make mistakes all the time. But I've taught about 5-6 lessons in Bulgarian. they're al pretty bad. I want to say something like "You should read this book because it will lead you closer to Christ, and give you strength and peace, and really bless your life." And it comes out like "You read this book. Its true. Its good. Its of God. It.......peace........" Its kind of really awkward.
I keep on laughing. Today I bursted out laughing in the laundry room and two elders turned to me and said, "no laughing! That's one of the rules!" which is funny because I say that all the time. I mean, the MTC has rules like no skipping, no dancing, no hugs, no gum. Its hard to follow all the rules.
The rule I break the most is.....wearing flip flops. And not on purpose either!!! This week I have accidentally worn flip flops 4 TIMES to class or the cafeteria. I just completely don't notice I'm wearing them until I glance at my feet and than I gasp really loud and feel bad. Its just so hard to get used to wear shoes!!! I'm working on it though.
Funny story about Bulgaria. So apparently the branches in Buglaria are SUPER small. Like, many of them only have about 5 people--the Branch President, two missionaries, one member, and a crazy member. Because there are tons of crazy members in Bulgaria. My teachers said the first missionaries to Bulgaria just tried to baptize anyone they could and so they baptized a bunch of crazy people, some of whom still come to Church. There was this one testimony meeting amont the five in the Branch and the crazy one got up and bore his testimony.  He said, "I knew I should join your Church, because I had a dream where I saw Mufasa (yes, Mufasa, like the Lion King's Mufasa) in the clouds and he told me to follow Jesus." Yes. I get to spend my mission with a bunch of crazies. :) Look forward to some fun stories. Apparently Bulgaria has lots of gypsies too, and my teachers have told me to just stay away from them. They may act interested, but they're super flaky and manipulative. So just stay away. i'll do that.
LA was crazy. It was just Elder Breeze and I all day which was.....odd.....but thank heavens Elder Breeze is nice and mature and not really flirty like some of the other Elders. The Bulgarian consulate was really intimidating bhecause the Bulgarian ladies there were intense. They just didn't seem to have an ounce of happiness or social warmth. We just went there to sign our visa paperwork, so hopefully our visas will come in the mail soon. After the consulate we had time to do whattever we wanted. We asked Edward, our bus driver, to take us to the temple. So he looked it up on his gps and took us to....a monstrous Roman Catholic temple-like structure. We told Edward it wasn't OUR temple, but thank you anyways. Then Edward took us to get some great Chinese food and then back to the airport. I left Edward with a Book of Mormon (one of the ones SIster Brown gave me) and he said he'd read it. Maybe he will, maybe he won't, but I'll never know. Edward was awesome. Then at the SL airport the MTC FORGOT TO PICK US UP!!!! So Elder Breeze and I sat at the airport for a few hours before we finally made it back. I wanted to call home so bad and just have mom or dad or Jessica come get me and take me to the MTC! How awesome would that've been! Oh well.
That's all for this week.
Love you all!!! Make sure to  be very happy so people will see you and the joy the Gospel brings you!!!
Sister Stenquist

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