Monday, November 19, 2012

Week....I don't even know what week it is anymore!

Hello!!! I have so many stories to tell you so I am going to write fast!!!

To Grandma--I love you!!! The whole Book of Mormon is translated into Bulgarian, as well as the D&C. Its a realyl good version and I really enjoy reading it.  Also, Bulgarians DO use all 18 tenses in every day talk. So far I've learned 4 I think. So that means that for each verb there is 18x6x2 ways to say each verb, I believe. Yay me. :) Buglarian is definitely a very verbal language, they love their verbs. Also, Grandma, I have a video I want you to watch!!! If you go to, look up the video of Pierre. I think it says "Pierre, I am French-Swiss. I am a Mormon" Or somehting like that. The video is in French, and the man and his wife are so cute. I thought of you the whole time I watched it!!! I want you to see it.

To mom-I got the hat you sent! Thank you so much!!!
Jessica- I loved your card!
Ben, I loved your email!
Dad, I always love getting your letters, eveb though they probably make me more homesick than anything else.
Jonathan-are you ever going to write to me? :)

So today my companion and roommates all fly to Croatia and Czech Republic so I have two new missionaries, who are also goign to Czech and Croatia. My new companions are Sister Graham and Sister Sorenson. THey are so sweet, so nice, and so obedient. I am excited to work with them.

I love teaching the Gospel!! This week I finally felt like a missionary as I taught investigators in Bulgarian!!!! Alexander prayed with us and said the Holy Ghost was telling him the Book of Mormon was from God. Heck yes it is!!! And Jivko said that he would be baptized after we taught him about the restoration. Oh my heavens I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost for testifying of truth. I love it so much!

My teachers said that Elder Breeze and I are way aheade in Bulgarian, like, we're at least a week ahead in lessons. Which is wonderful because it means we'll have lots of time to review what we've been learning before we go to Bulgaria!!! Yay for Bulgaria!!!

Now for the funny stories I've heard about Bulgaria.

So, I learned this week that Chrinoval/Trinoval/The nuclear power plant that exploded in Ukraine, is only 400 miles from Sofia, Bulgaria. And all the water in BUlgaria is radioactive, which causes some pretty freaky things in the people, especially the Gypsies because they don't have radiation water filters, they just drink the water in the parks. So I will be using a radiation water filter ALL THE TIME so that I don't grow a beard. You think I'm kidding. I'm not. A lot of the women in Bulgaria are bearded because of the freaky radiation. And lots o people  have other freaky body problems. As you will see in a story I will relate below. So, if I come home from BUlgaria with a beard, or a third eyebrow under my eye (this happened to one of my teachers), or any other sort of freakish growth, just look at it as evidence of my undying love for my Heavenly Father and His Gospel. And please, pray that I won't get a beard.

One of my teacher knocked on a door in Bulgaria and a woman was so excited to see them, she rushed them in and then left the room for a moment. On the bed, which is usually in the main room, there was a fairly small lump under the blanket. They walked up to the bed and saw a normal sized human head on the pillow. The Bulgarian woman came out and uncovered the bed, revealing a body the size of a baby connected to the head. Get the picture? Normal sized head, tiny little body with a tiny neck attaching them together. FREAKY!!!!! The woman wanted help taking care of the messed up woman, but the missionaries couldn't really do much. And I get the idea that I am going to see some really weird things in Bulgaria.

For Thanksgiving this week we have no classes. We have a devotional in the morning and i know who is coming!!!! I can't tell  you, because I promised the security gaurd who told me that I wouldn't tell a soul. But let's just say that I am WORLDS beyond excited and it is going to be THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!! Then we have a Thanksgiving dinnner for lunch and do service projects. For dinner we have a sack lunch alone in our rooms. Sad. And then we'll have a musical fireside at night. So, It'll be alright. I think I'll survive. I really want to meet the apostle that is coming. :)

This week I have learned a couple of really important lessons. First, I learned that the MOST IMPORTANT REASON that we pray is to receive blessings. That's what it says in Bible Dictionary. And so often people don't receive blessings that Heavnely Father wants to give them just because they don't have the faith and the willingness to ASK for them. So I have been working to not be afraid to ask for things in my prayers. I've been praying for peopel to be prepared for me to teach. I've been praying for you, my family, and my friends. And I've been praying that through my mission I can help hundreds of people to come unto Christ. Yes, that is a lofty desire. But really, if I helped one person, they could help their friends, and they could  help their children, and in a domino effect hundreds to could come unto Christ. This is my goal.

The other thing I learned is that God works miracles through disasters. We watched a video fo the hurricane on the East Coast and members of the Church serving through Helping Hands to clean up. In the video I felt very strongly that God is so wonderful because he takes disasters and pain and storms, and then works miracles into them. For example, people crucifying Christ was a disaster. That's pretty bad to crucify the Son of God. But because of that disaster, the Atonement was completed and all people can be saved. That's pretty awesome. The pioneers faced all sorts of disasters and pain, yet through the storms God worked His miracles. And I know that weaknesses of my own, pains that I have had, storms in my own life, will be turned into miracles as they help me bring others to Christ. I received a blessing last night and was told that God is preparing people right now in Bulgaria for me to teach--people that only I can touch. And I am grateful for my pains and for my weaknesses, because although they can be destructive, through Christ they can help me connect to people in need in Bulgaria. God really does work miracles.

One more thing!!! shoot time is going! This week I learned that Bulgarians HATE missionaries. Sad! My goal in life has always been to not be hated by anyone. BUt now people are going to automaticaly hate me because I am a missionary. This is why they hate missionaries. After Communism fell in 1991 the church sent misisonaries into Bulgaria. At that same time many cults erupted in Bulgaria. Terrible cults. Like, the boiled people and ate them. and they kidnapped children and sacrificed them. TERRIBLE things. And so, in the minds ofmany Bulgarians, The Church is one of the cults that came to Bulgaria that time. ITs so terrible!!! I am hoping that I can be a good representative of Jesus Christ so that they will see tha tthe Church is GOOD. The Church is a wonderful blessing and it teaches about love and kindness and hope.

I know the Churhc is true. I want to share the Gospel with everyone in the world!!!! I love my Savior. I am grateful for my mission.

Love you all!!

Smile and pray for the blessings of heaven.


Sister Stenquist

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