Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hello!!! It's my LAST DAY at the MTC!!!

Its absolutely crazy. I would be more excited about it if I could actually fathom leaving this place. But I can't. I've been brainwashed by the MTC. Me and my Elders always joke: "I keep on dreaming there's like this outside world out there. That's a crazy idea. We all know that there's only the MTC." And my mind is already so full of the rules. The other day my teacher was telling us how after class (which ends at 9:20), he was going to take his wife to the movies. Elder Breeze said, "But, you don't have any time! Bedtime's at 10:30..." Oh how the rules change our minds, ha ha. The good news is, I asked the travel office and they said our visas are here! So unless they lied to us, we're actually leaving together. Elder Breeze and I will be flying together. My Polsky Elders already left this morning and goodbye last night was sad. It was really awesome, though, because I love those Elders a lot and I know they are going to do awesome work in Poland.

I found out this week that mail in Bulgaria sucks. And because of that I only get mail every 2-3 months-at zone conferences. Sad!!!

Funny about Bulgaria I heard this week: My teacher was serving in a small branch and the only piano they had was an electronic keyboard. The pianist wasn't very skilled, and would just use two fingers of each hand to plunk out the hymns. Then, when it came to the Sacrament Meeting hymn, the pianist had the keyboard play one of the pre-recorded percussion beats while he plunked out the sacrament hymn. The effect was something like a beat boxing hymn. The missionaries had a hard time not laughing. And after the meeting they tried to explain to the Branch President that that was inappropriate--the Sacrament hymn is supposed to be....reverent. So, the Branch President's solution was to have the Elders play the piano! Even though neither one of them had played since my teacher learned to play the piano! Crazy! I'm assuming this means I'm going to play the piano quite often at Church in Bulgaria.

This week we had an awesome Fireside and Devotional so i will share some thoughts from that. Relief Society yesterday was really awesome too! Sister Dalton from the General Young Women came and spoke to us.
The Gospel teaches of POTENTIAL in this life and the next.
Raise your vision as to who you are!!!
This is the time for GREATNESS.
We don't have to do it all. In fact, sometimes I wonder if we do anything. God does most of it.
Surely the thing God enjoys most about being God is the thrill of being merciful, especially to those who don't expect it and often feel they don't deserve it.
Smiling is preaching the Gospel without words.
I also have two happy quotes about Sister Missionaries that I LOVE.

"The influence of the Young Women of the church, like a sleeping giant, will awaken, arise, and inspire the inhabitants of the Earth as a mighty force of righteousness. Young Women, arise, and take your place in the glorious events that will shape your future and the future of the world. Now is the time!"

"Heavenly Father loves and trusts His precious daughters, and now, as never before, is the time to flood the Earth with their virtue, their strong spirits, and their light. They are worthy and prepared to serve the Lord. They are incredible. And they are changing the world."

So cool!!! I am so excited to be a sister missionary right now!!! Especially when the world is seriously going to be flooded by us!!! And at the same time, I not disappointed at ALL that the change of age happened when I was 21. In fact, I am so grateful that I didn't go on a mission until I was 21. Between 19-21 I got to go to China twice, met the best people in the world, and had so many fun adventures. I wouldn't trade those experiences for anything. God knows what He's doing.

I am so determined to be a good missionary who is completely obedient. As President Brown said yesterday, "You have a short time to do it, and a lifetime to think about it." And really, I have an eternity to think about my mission. So I am going to make it good. I have two goals for my mission. First, to bring hundreds or thousands of people closer to Jesus Christ. Because even if baptisms are few, just seeing me, will make them a little bit closer to speaking to missionaries later in their life. And just smiling and helping people will be bringing people closer to Christ. which is why I am going to "stand as a witness of God at all times and all things and in all places." And on the other spectrum, baptisms may be few, but then those people will have a huge influence! They will have kids, grandkids, they will teach their families, and you never know how much influence that one person will make. Its awesome. My second goal is to have no regrets. I am going to follow the rules. I am going to work hard. I am going to smile every day. I am going to do my absolute best! It would suck to spend the rest of my life knowing I could have done better.

Smile and pray people. Smile and pray.


Sister Stenquist

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