Monday, December 3, 2012

Narnia Holes and Miracles!!

Dear family!!!

So I should leave to Bulgaria in about 14 days!!! Normally the groups leave on a Tuesday morning but we might leave the 19th, we really don't know. The travel office is kind of annoying because you never know anything that's going on with your stuff. So I have no idea if they have my visa, or when they'll get it. I guess I won't know if they have it until I get to my departing time and show up at the office. Hopefully they'll give me my passport and visa on time. Or, if its like my companion, I'll get a little note in my mail box the night before I think I'm leaving, informing me my visa still isn't here, and then I'll spend a few more weeks at the MTC basically doing nothing. So pray that my visa comes in time.

Bulgarian is fun, I really like it. I'm not very good, but I can feel myself improving. I have a few funny stories about mistakes in Bulgarian though.

The other day in a lesson I was getting annoyed with an investigator because he wasn't reading the Book of Mormon. If you want to know if its true, you HAVE to read it. So I wanted to ask him, "Do you want a testimony?!" And instead I said, "Do you want a family!!!?" We all bursted out laughing after that. They're really close, though. Family (sounding out with the roman alphabet) is semestvo and testimony is svidetelctvo. So they're kind of similar.

In another lesson we were talking about Christ and his life. Elder Breeze said, "After Christ and his apostles killed people...." instead of "After Christ and his apostles died..." So that was bad. I hate to think of the blasphemies that will come out of my mouth just because of my poor brain. I keep on working on it though.

A funny story about a crazy Church member in Bulgaria. So when the missionaries first went to Bulgaria, they baptized a lot of crazy people, because those were the only people willing to listen to the strange religious missionaries from America. So now there's lots of crazy members in Bulgaria. I told you about Mufasa in the clouds telling a man to follow Jesus, right? So this one member, named Ogi, tried to burn the church down by pouring gasoline all over the cement foundation. It didn't work, so thank goodness he's crazy enough for his plans to be flawed.

Two exciting stories!

I found a Narnia hole!! A big one with lots of treasures!!! At the MTC, Narnia holes are magical things. In vents, holes, electrical sockets, etc, missionaries hide treasures like notes, candy, and cookies. There's one narnia hole in my classroom from Greek missionaries in like 1993 or something. And I found a narnia hole in my room! It was in the heat vent. It was filled with chocolate candy bars, oreo cookies, laundry detergent and drier sheets, a huge bag of christmas candy, a huge bag of easter candy, and other random things. It was so exciting!!! However, there were also some problems with the treasures I found in my narnia hole. Most of the food had been there......a while...... And because of the laundry stuff the chocolate tasted like laundry detergent. And that's after the chocolate re-hardened because it was melted from being in the heat vent. So even though my narnia hole had its issues, I was still so excited to find it. I'm trying to send a picture of it so you can see my treasures. Also, as a note, notice my Christmas nightgown I'm wearing?

My second exciting story is that Thursday was a miracle day!!! It was so cool!!! My companion, Sister Nelson (going to the Philipinnes, super cute, from Sandy, studying painting, visa was delayed so she's been with me for the past couple weeks, and she leaves tomorrow morning) was trying once again to find her wallet, which had all of her travel money, driver's license, credit card, etc. She couldn't find it anywhere. She also had lost some fudge that she wanted to give to her teacher. After she looked in all of our room, she asked if we could pray about it. So we kneeled and prayed. After we prayed I asked her if she would have brought her wallet to the temple. She said no. I asked if she would have left it in her last room. She said maybe. So after breakfast we decided to go try and look in her old room. Only our cards don't work there anymore, since we don't live there. But we went anyways. And lo and behold her card actually worked!!! It let us in!!! That wasn't supposed to happen. And when we tried her card the next day it didn't work. Crazy. So we got in the residence and then we found one of the custodial workers. Which is also crazy because I never see them in their office. But she was there and she gave us a key to the room. So we went to the room, Sister Nelson opened a drawer, and there was her wallet!!! Awesome! She opened another drawer and there was the fudge!!! It was awesome. We prayed after, saying thanks, and in the prayer I said, " Thank you so much for helping us find Sister Nelson's fudge...and her wallet." Sister Nelson teased me after that because she said I certainly have my priorities straight about which was more important to find.

After we found the wallet and fudge we declared it to be a day of miracles. And what do you know, but after lunch Sister Nelson found out her district's visas were here! They'd be leaving within the week! Awesome!!! There were also other little happy miracles. And it was awesome. God's hand is certainly working in our lives.

I got to watch the Christmas devotional and I loved it. It was so good!

I am still healthy and still happy. I am trying to work my hardest. I am very blessed because i don't have any health problems, and I have loving friends and family who support me. Missions are so much harder for people without those things. I am so blessed and I feel a weight on my shoulders to work hard because of the blessings I have.

I love you all very much. I hope you have a very happy, wonderful week.


Sister Stenquist

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