Monday, December 10, 2012


I have an awkward story for you. Its about an Elder. I'd met him once before, a brief hello, where is your mission, where are you from, goodbye. Then yesterday he came bounding up to me at dinner and started talking to me. It was one of the most awkward converstions of my life. To keep the description short, he had a dorito chip stuck in his throat so he'd stop every other sentence, unable to continue talking (hello, I'm pretty sure this is fate telling you to back off because its not gonna happen...) and he told me a weird story about missionaries' bottoms sweating on their bikes. It was awkward. And it all ended with him getting my address so he can write to me. Yay me. So excited.

I've seen Sister Breanne Naylor a few times!! I saw her her first Sunday and gave her a big hug. ITs cool that we've studied the gospel together from primary to young womens, and now we're in teh MTC together! So cool!

So, I have a problem. I think I speak Bulgarian with a Chinese accent. One of my teachers pointed this out to me after a lesson. I didn't believe him. How could I speak Bulgarian with a Chinese accent?! But then, yesterday, my Branch President had interviews with me and Elder Breeze and in each one he asked us to tell our testimonies in Bulgarian. After I bore my testimony, he said, "You know, its funny, because the language almost sounds like its an asian language." Oh no. And then after Elder Breeze's interview and testimony in Bulgarian he told him, "Yeah, you and Sister Stenquist sound very different the way you speak Bulgarian." So I speak Bulgarian with a Chinese accent. How weird is that. I'm really hoping I'll pick up a good Bulgarian accent once I"m over there.

Which, guess what?!!! I'm going to Bulgaria next Tuesday!!! Hopefully. My visa still isn't here, but everything else is in place. So as long as my visa comes I'll be flying to Bulgaria on Tuesday December 18. I meet at the travel office at 8:00 in the morning to go to the SLC airport. My plane departs at 11:35 from SLC to Chicago, then I fly to London, and then to Sofia. My plane landsin Bulgaria on Wednesday at 1:25 p.m. And please, please pray that my visa will get here in time. I want to go to Bulgaria!!!

This week in class I learned the longest word in Bulgarian. It is непротивопоставяиконститутствателтвуванията. Romanized it would be NEPROTIVOPOSTAVYAIKONCTITOOTSTVATELTVOOVANIYATA. Isn't that a fun word!!! It means "actions not going against the constitution." Whattever that means. I can't believe how long it is though. A lot of Bulgarian words are sooo long! Its so different from Chinese!!!

Speaking of Chinese, I got another present from my Mandarin Missionary friends today!!! They had an extra Book of Mormon that has characters, pinyin, and English, and they gave it to me!! I've always wanted one of those!! And they're about $25 at Deseret Book so it was super wonderful to get one for free! Yay!

My teacher told me that every missionary in Bulgaria finds his/her Baba (grandma, or really old Buglarian lady who takes you under her wing and loves you). So I'm on the hunt to find my baba. She will be my Baba, and she will help me with everything, and I will love her, and she will be mine. I'm on a Baba hunt. This is serious business.

This week was kind of hard because.....I don't really know why, it just was. But I got so many packages and letters it was wonderful!!! I got 5 packages in 8 days!!! Yes!!! I got 2 from mom, one from Jessica, one from Annie, and one from Kris Harvey. I also got a really nice letter from Brother and Sister Larkins which was so nice!!! My Elders tease me so much because of all the love I get from home. What can I say, I just have great family and friends!!! So thank you for all of the food and fun things. Oh my goodness the avacadoes are lovely. I've shared the gingerbread boys with a few select people, and they said they are teh best gingerbread cookies they have ever had. I love my little cookie men!

I am so excited to be a missionary. I still can't get over the fact that I am a missionary! Its crazy!!! I absolutely love it. Sometimes I miss home a ton, but then I remember how many people I am going to love and serve and help in Bulgaria. Yesterday in Relief Society the speaker said--if you think leaving home is hard, just wait till you have to leave your mission!! Talk about heart break!!! So I am super grateful that I am still at the beginning of my mission and I still have so much time to enjoy. Its goingt to fly by and I want to enjoy every moment of it!!!

This week I am going to be studying the Atonement all week in English and Bulgarian and I am super excited about it. I love studying about Christ. It really shows me how much I have to improve on, and makes me feel extremely grateful for the blessings of the Atonement. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ. I love Christmas season because of the wonderful spirit of Christ in the world.

I love you!!!!

Much love,

Sister Stenquist

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