Monday, January 28, 2013

Miracles!!! So many Miracles!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

I am so sorry to hear about the ice storms!!! And poor grandma! I will pray for her. I hope she's out of the hospital. That is so terrible. It was really warm throughout the week and then we  had a huge rain storm, and then we had a HUGE snow storm. It was so cool!!! Its freezing now, but bundled up I'm okay. I'm happy to have my furry hat to wear because it keeps me way warm. So, there is one thing I've thought that I'd like if you ever do send me a package (not that you need to, but if you ever do, this is what I would want). MUSIC. :) I should have brought my CDs but I didn't bring anything. So, if you ever do send a package, I have some lds cds in my room like the seminary sound tracks, prince of egypt, and pretty much anything you could buy at deseret book I  can have. Plus, if Ben's at home, he could burn some cds from my itunes. I think I have a playlist called mission music already. I inherited some cds from previous missionaries and some of them are good....and some of them are ......odd. There's this one funny song that I love that reminds me of Kelsi every day because its so country!!! I love it.

Note to Lauren--I actually can't receive emails from friends because that's a new rule in the mission. BUT. I want to tell you that I LOVE YOU. And I've learned on my mission that when I have no idea what's going on, when I am forced to rely wholly on the Lord, that is when he is able to bless me the greatest. That's how I ended up at HC 15, that's how I ended up here, and that's how I'm seeing all these miracles here. I'm glad you have so much faith! Also, I mailed a birthday postcard to you and it probably didn't get there in time for your birthday, but I've been thinking about and celebrating you all of January. :)

Zone Conference was SOOO GOOD!!! Let's just say I was blown away by the spirit and found so many ways to be a better missionary. Sister Jessica (Grandma wanted to know her first name) Shumway and I have changed some things to try to be even more obedient. For example, we used to save our dinner time until 8, but now we eat way earlier so we can work all night. I am so grateful to have awesome priesthood leaders who are inspired of the God to inspire and teach us as we do his work.

There have been so many cool things and miracles this week!!! The week when the elders were getting beat up and we couldn't wear our nametags, we kept on saying, there's always persecution before miracles. And BAM! Here are the rewards.

First of all, the weather of this was bipolar. For a few days it was so warm and sunny! Like May!!! I was so happy!!! We contacted on the streets those days and in one hour I got 6 or 7 received numbers of men who were interested in learning more!!!! Just to put this in perspective, in most WEEKS we get 4-7 receives. I got like 7 in one HOUR. It was crazy!!!

And the men who wanted to learn more are way cool!!! We've met with a few of them already. One of them said he usually doesn't talk to people like missionaries on the street, but that I was just so happy that he was curious enough to listen. Happiness does so many good things!!! He asked me why I'm so happy and full of light and I said, Its because of Jesus Christ! Because when you know about God, and His plan for you, you feel so happy and you're confident in what you're doing. It was pretty cool.

Another one of the guys is SOOOO cool!!! He was telling us about what he believed, and he was like, "everyone thinks I'm crazy, but I believe God has a body, that  He's different than Christ, and that we can become like God." WHAT!!! How did he figure out all that truth?!!!!! The whole time he was talking we kept on saying TOCHNO TAKA!!! Which is like THAT'S EXACTLY RIGHT!!!  He's sweet.

Another one of the  men we met with is 7th day adventist but decided to meet with us anyways. We were afraid it would turn into a bible bash but we prayed and it turned out being an awesome lesson! Plus, he brought his friend, and his friend was really open to our message too!!! Crazy!!! Where did these people come from? One of them told us that he believed that there was life after death, but that his church didn't believe so. And guess what we had prepared to share with him? Scriptures on life after death from the Bible and the BOM. What?!!!! Crazy Beans!!!!! When we asked them to read the BOM and pray about it he said,  "well, if it goes along with the Bible, of course its true." What?!!! That was so easy!!!

Its ridiculous. I don't know how these things happen. All I know is that God prepares his children. Then he somehow leads the missionaries to them. Everything is in his hands, and I have no idea what's going on ever. Its awesome, though, getting to watch his hands work miracles in the lives of his children.

We had another lesson with Boris and Blagoi this week (the man who we randomly found and his friend who's had a BOM for 13 years) Blagoi got the Book of Mormon in Varna when he was visiting his family, but wasn't there long enough to meet with the missionaries. We got there and he  just went off on all these cool things he's learned about the Church. He already knows so much!!! ITs crazy!!! He was telling us about Lehi's family, about temples. When Boris asked why mormons don't wear crucifixes, Blagoi knew exactly what to tell him. We didn't have to say anything. At the beginning of the lesson Blagoi brought out some water, little glasses, and broken up pieces of bread for the sacrament...... He said that the sacrament was so beautiful on Sunday he wanted to have it again. We explained that the sacrament is an ordinance that needs to be done with priesthood authority, but that his desire to follow Christ was so wonderful. I was a little afraid we'd offend him by rejecting his sacrament, but he was totally fine. He put it away and was ready to learn more from us. We had an awesome  lesson and Blagoi said he's be baptized on March 30. Boris is still thinking of a date. They are SO COOL. I don't know how we find these people. When we left his house he loaded us down with oranges, bananas, apples, mandarines, chocolate, and the pretty sacrament glasses. He is so sweet and so loving. He says over and over, "I love you!!! You're like my children!! I'm just such a happy man! The Lord is so wonderful!!! I love life!" Ha ha, I love him so much!!!

I think that is all I have to report this week. Oh, one more thing---we  had so many people at CHurch this week again!!!! I think we had like 25, and that was with all the snow on the ground! (Bulgarians are terrified of snow, cold, wind, and some members refuse to come to church all winter) ALSO!!! Xristo, who was baptized this month, passed the sacrament this Sunday!!! IT was so sweet!!! I love that man so much!!! He is the sweetest man in the world. And I love his mustach, ha ha!

I love you all!!! Stay safe and smile lots!!!

Sister Stenquist

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  1. Hi Rebecca! So good to read of your amazing experiences! I can understand everyone seeing your happy smile and wanting to know more! I was wanting to wish you a happy happy birthday! (It sounds like it already is one! Keep up your good work. Love to you! Melanie