Monday, January 7, 2013

Xristo and Andre are getting baptized!!!

I don't even know what happened this week. We worked, I know we did, but I can't even remember what happened......its all becoming a blurr!

Andre and Xristo are getting baptized on Wednesday and Saturday!!! I am so happy for them. When it was announced in Church Andre raised his arms like a victory. And it is a victory!!! They are so sweet and I love them so much. This week we taught ALL the commandments to Xristo--Ten Commandments, Chastity, Tithing, Church attendance, Scripture Study, Prayer, Fasting, Fast Offerings, and he accepted them ALL with no problem. I tell you, these people are so amazing. I don't know where they come from. All I know is that its not me or Sister Shumway doing the work. Its all God.

Yesterday we met with the sweetest woman in the world. It was her first time meeting with missionaries. We asked her what role religion has played in her life and she explained that its very hard for her to understand which church is right, and what is truth. She explained that her husband left her and her two kids and she has a hard time understanding why that would happen to her. Her spirit is so sweet. She listened to us. We explained the restoration to her, how the church blesses lives, and how there is a Savior for her. When we asked her how she felt about it she said, "Its friendly to me. I feel a little like I want to cry." She is so sweet. I just want her to have the blessings of the Gospel!!!! She didn't make a concrete appointment to meet next but said she'd read the Book of Mormon and pray. I want her to come back so bad. I want to help her. I hope and pray she meets with us again.

We also met this awesome 21 year old on the street. She's really pretty and was so friendly and nice. Most young people just blow us off but as soon as we explained who we were she asked "What are the three things that  make you happiest?" And I didn't know what to say!!! I said Jesus Christ, my family, and then I was lost for words at her boldness and honest curiosity. She wants to meet again and I'm excited to talk to her!!! She is fantastic.

I've been eating lots of banitza this week. :) It is SOOOO good!!!!! IT is this yummy fluffy buttery bread with different cheese in it. It comes in different shapes and sizes and I love it. There are banitza stands all over. I have never eaten this much bread in my life!!! But the crazy thing, I don't think I've gained any weight--actually, my skirts are getting bigger on me. I guess its because of all the walking. Yay for being able to eat banitza!

This week was pretty warm for a few days. IT was like spring!!! But today it is very cold again. I am sooooooo excited for summer. Then the fruits and vegetables will be even better and I won't have to be smothered in layers of clothing all the time.

My Bulgarian is.....improving....I think.....maybe....maybe not. It might be, I just don't really notice it? We don't get a full hour of  language study every day because we're so busy and I don't really know how to study in the field. At the mtc I just reviewed my flash cards all the time every day. But how do you learn when you're running around from place to place? I'm figuring it out. This week when we contacted on the street, we started contacting ALONE. So I, alone, just walk up to Bulgarians and start talking to them about God and Jesus Christ and the Church. Its pretty crazy. I don't really understand what they're saying. But I try to talk to them. Hopefully I'm improving.

I'm sorry its so cold in Utah!!! Bundle up! Thank you for all your love and emails!!!

Sister Stenquist

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