Monday, February 18, 2013

Best and Worst Times

This week was so good and so bad!  Good news or bad news first?

Well, I still have my cough and its gotten worse. I got the flu on
Valentine's day and the next. And for the past four days I've been
getting hives all over my body. So....I think my body's trying to kill
me,  ha ha. Just kidding. :) All the members are way worried about me.
One investigator brought me over a pot of special tea to help me get
better. Xristo bought me some cough drops and tea also. They are so
sweet. A member is taking me to her doctor today so this week I should
get better. Yippee! The members and investigators are so loving and
kind and they really take care of us.

But the good news!!! drum roll..........

Both Andre and Raicho got baptized on Saturday! I've been working with
them since I first got here. They're the two flake outs who missed
their first dates, and then they both got baptized on Saturday and got
the Holy Ghost on Sunday! It was so cool!!!

When Raicho came in he was smiling so big. He is so funny. He's
probably in his 50's, single and kind of awkward, but we love him a
lot. Oh man he's a hoot. He was smiling all day long. He's been
waiting forever to get baptized!

Andre is this awesome young man with all these crazy cool spiritual
experiences and insights. The whole day he was just staring into space
with deep contemplation and peace on his countenance. I asked him,
"are you  happy?" And he said, "Yes, of course, I feel very full
inside my chest." He is the coolest. He has these big dreams of
serving people and changing the world and by golly I bet he'll do it.
Someday Grandma will be watching the news and she'll hear about Andre
Ganchev Ivanov over in Bulgaria, saving all the people. He's the
coolest guy ever.

When I went to Sofia I didn't get any letters from home, just two
letters from my Polsky Elders. We have training in Plovdiv this
Wednesday so I might get mail then.

My visa only has to be renewed once a year. I have to go
into Sofia a few times while I'm being trained, though, to do
paperwork for my lichna carta--its like a identification card to live
in Bulgaria. I'll probably go to Sofia again in the next couple weeks.

I don't have many other stories to tell from this week because we
haven't done a whole lot of work....we've been trying to get better.
Hopefully next week I'll be completely healthy and working hard again.

I love you all!!!
Sister Stenquist

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