Monday, February 25, 2013

No news....

Well, this letter is going to be very boring.

Last Monday I went to the doctors and found out I had Asthmatic Bronchitis.  It turns out the hives were part of the bronchitis. The doctor gave me lots of medicine and Sister Wilstead, the mission president's wife, instructed me to stay in ALL WEEK LONG. So, between last Monday and today I was in my apartment nonstop. I ventured out one time on Thursday to taxi to the church and get a blessing. Besides that, I've been sleeping in, spending all day long reading scriptures, Bulgarian, Chinese, napping, and water-painting. Thank heavens I bought some watercolor paints right before I was commanded to stay inside! They saved my sanity! Its been a pretty boring week. No lessons, no receives, no work at all. So......I don't really have anything new to report. I didn't even get to go to Church which was sad.

Transfers are this week and I will be staying in Stara Zagora for the next two months. Yay!

I am feeling better....not all the way but somewhat better. I'm going to the doctor again today to see what she thinks. Sister Wilstead says we can work this week though! Just not at nights. So we get to teach our friends the Gospel! So exciting!!!

I still haven't gotten any other cards from the family. I got one from Sister Winters which was so nice of her.

This week I was reminded at how entertaining the Old Testament is! I read it for a while and holy smokes the stories are so crazy and funny! Also, I am so grateful for Church magazines! I read 3 of them and they are so wonderful. They have such good stories and are really uplifting. I am grateful for the beautiful world and for paints to paint it with! I am grateful for medicine to heal our bodies. I am grateful that bodies know how to heal. I am so grateful for all the materials in Bulgarian to study and that I have a couple Chinese books to read too!

Thank you for your love and all of your prayers. I love you!

Sister Stenquist

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