Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Spring!

So, I'm sick again which stinks. I've got this awful cough that's dry
and hard and I cough all day long. This means that we haven't been
working very much because its way cold outside and I don't want to get
worse!!! I've been praying and praying to get better so I can serve
more! All my friends here are praying for me to get better and two
members took me to their doctors (who each had a different analysis
and gave me different medicines).

I have some funny food stories for you to hear.  First, you can't
imagine the amount of oil Bulgarians put on their food!!!! Especially
their vegetables! They say that if you eat vegetables without oil
they'll hurt your stomach. They cut up a nice cucumber, and then pour
like a cup of oil on top. Its so much!!! All their rice is smothered
in oil too. They have the biggest containers of oil at the store and I
bet they go through it in a week. Oh Bulgarians.

Second, the other day I had some eggs with cheese and yogurt. Have you
ever had yogurt on your eggs? It was pretty darn good. The yogurt was
plain, sour milk, no sugar, so its kind of more like sour cream. Its
so good. They put it on eggs, potatoes, meat, cake, or mix it with
water to have a watery yogurt drink. I love the yogurt here, its so

After the eggs Baba Maria fed us pasta with a sweet sugary sauce on
it! I've never had dessert pasta before! It reminded me of elf when he
puts syrup on his spaghetti. It was seriously spaghetti with sugar. I
laughed so hard. It wasn't bad, either.

We taught Violetka about the word of wisdom so her date is moved back
to April now and she's working on quitting smoking.

We had some lessons with some gypsys and those are always interesting.
They agree with everything, just nod and agree with everything you're
saying ( are they even listening?) and then tell you all these crazy
stories about miracles and faith. There's lots of gypsys and they're
fun. Principally, I try to avoid teaching them because I've only heard
unsuccessful things about them. They live in their own section of the
city, and most of them don't work. A lot of them sweep the streets as
jobs. A lot of them walk around looking for cardboard and bottles in
garbage cans. I always see people digging through the garbage bins as
I walk down the street.

This week I read a lot of the October General Conference talks and
they are so good! I love them! When I read them I was reminded so
strongly of God's love for me. I really do have a relationship with
Him and I love Him so much! As I have studied the scriptures the past
couple weeks it stood out to me that happiness is being near to God.
That is happiness. We cannot be truly happy, have a fullness of joy,
until we return to Him. That's why we have to do all we can here to be
ready and worthy to live with Him again. And in the meantime, He's
given us the Holy Ghost to help us and we can feel His love for us
ever day! He is so good to us! I love it so much.

Hopefully next week I'll be all better when I write to you.
I love you!!! Happy Spring!!!

Sister Stenquist

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