Monday, April 22, 2013

Last week of transfer 2

This Saturday we'll get transfer calls! I am so excited. I need a change and I am praying so hard to be put where I need to be and who I need to be with.

This Saturday the Elders had another miracle baptism. He's young, nice, has a job, and really fun. And now he's the newest member of Stara Zagora Branch! Its really exciting to see all these people come in and strengthen Stara Zagora. For the baptism we made brownies, lemon bars, and bunny buns (little bunny breads with orange glaze. They're sooo good! I made up the recipe after Sister Shumway described them to me). Then for Sunday I made apple cake for our luncheon. I LOVE baking. It is such a joy.

The highlight of the week was probably learning how to make musaka from Maria. Maria is a wonderful woman who loves to cook. She's fed us several times (including the seven course dinner on Christmas). She taught us how to make one of Bulgaria's most popular dish--musaka. Its potatoes, onions, meat, and tomatoes cooked together with an eggy layer on top. Its so delicious! You eat it with a good dollop of sour yogurt on top. I'm going to make it for you when I get home! Plus, since Maria is a trained cook, she taught us some tricks of the trade in cooking and chopping which were fun to learn. I love Maria so much. She hugs us tight, and then wiggles back and forth as she squeezes. She's adorable. She also taught us how to dance the Hora, a traditional Bulgarian dance.

Elena, who's sixteen, is starting personal progress which is fun! We went over to her apartment to start it with her. She's so amazing! She's been baptized a few weeks, and is the only youth in the branch. She's already sharing the gospel with her friends though. She really loves the gospel and is so sweet. I love her too!

We watched the two Saturday sessions of General Conference at church yesterday and I understood more than I thought I would. It was so good, I loved listening to their talks. The music was also really beautiful. Next Sunday we'll watch the Sunday sessions.

Missionary work wasn't too exciting this week. We dropped a lot of investigators because they're not progressing. We found some cool new investigators though, so I'm excited to meet with them some more. Its all just a big long continuous funnel of contacting and searching, finding, teaching, and baptizing. Each phase gets smaller and smaller, which means lots of time contacting and searching. Its a miracle anyone ever progresses or gets baptized! But miracles happen every day, especially in Bulgaria.

Happy spring,
Sestra Stenquist

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