Monday, May 20, 2013

I love Stara Zagora so much!

This week I have just been loving Stara Zagora! Yes, the work here is hard. But the city is adorable. I'v never worked in another city, but having Sister Bingham come from other cities helped me to appreciate the uniqueness of Stara Zagora. For example, Sister Bingham is blown away by how small it is, and how many trees there are! There are trees lining all the streets and it gives us nice shade. Its really pretty. Stara Zagora is pretty small and has more of a town feeling than the bigger cities. I love it. :) Everyone kind of knows each other here and the people are nicer (for the most part) to missionaries than other cities. I'm happy to still be here. I love my little Stara Zagora.

I also found out that Stara Zagora is known for its crazy people! Ha ha! There are quite a few crazies here. There's a crazy woman who goes on the glav and screams,"ISKAM BANITSA!!!!! DAI MI EDIN LEV ZA BANICHKA!!!! AHHHHHH!!!" or in English, "I WANT BREAD!!!! GIVE ME A DOLLAR FOR SOME BREAD!!!!!" And then she cries really loud. Sometimes she's carrying around a Bulgarian flag (how patriotic of her!), and I heard she used to carry around a plastic machine gun.

I found a lost, crazy member this week. I saw a large woman talking to herself in a mousy voice, and realized that it was Snezhina. Oh Snezhy. She's special. Then later in the week I saw her again, talking to herself and cracking herself up. At least she's happy.

There's also quite a few crazy guys who just lean against the wall, staring into space, holding out cups for money. I heard a missionary put some change in his cup once, and coffee plopped out. Awkward.

Another unique thing about Bulgaria in general is the stray dogs and cats. There are dogs and cats all over, just wandering around. They're completely harmless, which surprises me. They mind their own business and they're kind of fun to have around.

We got a really cool new investigator this week and I like her a lot. She's sane (always a good quality), curious about the Gospel, she listens, AND, she brought her friend to learn too! So now we're teaching both of them and they're really neat.

We also taught a new woman named Christina Vampilla. She's unique. She has bleached blonde hair,  is really tall, wears heaving platform black boots, and is a designer/artist. She gifted us some necklaces that she made which was really nice of her (mine has a big metal spike on it). Her boyfriend apparently looks like a vampire. She's unique.

And that's a little about dear little Stara Zagora. Its such a special little place. :) I love it!

Chao for now!
Sestra Stenquist

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