Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blister on my baby toe

Random fact. I have one blister on my feet, and its on the bottom of my baby toe. It won't ever go away! Its so random. Anyways....

This week we started teaching a woman named Minka. She may or not be homeless, I'm not sure. She's got a great mullet. She always wears some sweat pants and an army camouflage shirt. She seems a little rough around the edges, but she has such a sweet heart. I just smile at her and she grins back like a sunbeam. In our second lesson I invited her to be baptized. She said, "Ok. Tomorrow?" Ha ha!!! We explained that we had to teach her everything first. She read the first six chapters of the Book of Mormon in just a few days, and also came to Church on Sunday which is great! You can't judge a book by its cover. And you never know who will receive the Gospel.

We're also teaching two women named Krasimira and Milena. They are so much fun! Although they still don't read or pray on their own, which we're working on. They are curious and have lots of questions about life and Christ. One of their favorite questions is, "How do I find my Prince?" Ha ha. Don't ask me, I haven't found mine yet!!! Watching the Joseph Smith film with them was really fun. Joseph keeps on asking questions like, "How do I know if I'm saved?" "How do I know what Church is true?" And every time he'd ask one of these questions, Milena would turn to us and say, "Yeah! How do you know?! That's my question!!!" I love the Joseph Smith because its really easy for investigators to relate to and it explains everything so well.

On June 1st was Children's day. The whole glav and park was full of families and children. Each child was carrying around a balloon. It was so fun and chaotic! Unfortunately, noone wanted to listen to us. That morning I had read about the stripling warriors of Heleman and how fearless they were, even though they hadn't ever fought, and their desire to fight for their freedom and God. I thought of them, and said to myself, "I have nothing to fear! I have a great message to share with these families! I need to be like the warriors of Heleman!" And then I went around trying to talk to families. I got rejected a lot. Ha ha. I think I only gave out two pamphlets in a whole hour. But oh well. I tried.

The Priesthood Quorum in Stara Zagora is way bigger than the Relief Society now. There are hardly any women! And all of the women have awful problems. One has depression, but shared the best testimony in Sacrament Meeting. One has cancer, but comes every week to Church and is always working hard to serve in the Church. All of them are really poor. One's mom is about to die, and she's just about the most wonderful member I've ever met. They are all true disciples of Christ even though their lives are stormy.

I am terrified that President Wilstead is going to transfer me to another city. Some sisters will get transferred this week and I don't want to leave! I have so many plans for Stara Zagora! I know and love all of the members and they know and love me too. It terrifies me to think of leaving the Branch in the hands of other missionaries. We'll see. Hopefully I get to stay! I have more work to do here!

Also, this Friday we're having a big party! The theme is Cowboys and Indians because Bulgarians LOVE cowboys and indians. We're getting costumes so people can take pictures as cowboys and indians. I'm going to teach them a country line-dance. We'll eat salsa and apple cake. And then we're going to watch a clip of 17 miracles and talk about having faith through times of trial. All of Stara Zagora is invited! We're inviting a lot of people, but who knows how many will actually show up. I'm way excited though! I love planning parties!

I love you all! Have a fantastic week! Scatter sunshine all along your way,
Sestra Stenquist

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