Monday, July 8, 2013

A cold week of rain

How funny that Utah is burning hot. Sofia is freezing cold. It has been raining for days straight. Right now there's a bit of sunshine, but a hard wind that's blowing in lots of gray clouds. It feels like February weather, its so strange.

This week we had our Branch party and it was fantastic! The biggest success I could've dreamed of! We planned on about 75 people coming (well, we hoped that many would come, but had some doubts), and planned the food accordingly. We had chips, shopska salad, enchiladas, brownies and ice cream. However, about 120 people came!!! How amazing is that! 120 people at a Branch party in little Bulgaria! It was a miracle. And even more miraculous, the food fed all the people. We hurried making as many plates of food as we could while the Elders delivered them to the people. When they told us everyone had a plate, there were about 5 plates of food left over. I call that a miracle. After eating we moved the chairs to the edge of the room and our amazing African members did some African dancing. Then a young man from Virginia did some dancing/juggling/tricks which were really impressive. Everyone had a really good time. Half an hour after the party, there was a baptism, so a lot of people stayed to see the baptism. It was so good!

I don't think I've told you about the Africans in the branch. There's quite a few African refugees in Sofia and they're joining the Church! Most of them are from the Ivory Coast. They only speak French, a couple speak English, so there's a lot of translating for them. Only a few are baptized, but the Elders are working with quite a few more. They are so nice, so happy, and so faithful. I think it is just so beautiful to see their faith and diligence as African members of the Church in Bulgaria. God really does know where all His children are and how to help them.

We still haven't found any investigators so I suppose God is teaching me patience and diligence. Sometimes I think of Elder's Holland's question, "Do you have the faith to fail?" to remind myself that I need to have the faith to work, even when there are no results and it looks like failure. Just keep swimming, just keep working. Maybe investigators will be found when the sun comes out.

This week is transfer calls and I'm pretty sure I'll be staying here but who knows. I'll let you know next week.

Much love,
Sister Stenquist

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