Monday, July 29, 2013

Chinese in Sofia!!!

I finally get to email pictures today so I took advantage of it. I want you to see how beautiful Bulgaria is! See the sunflower field! Its blurry, since its taken from the bus, but they are beautiful!!!

I have so many stories about Chinese people this week!!! Hoot!

First, a couple weeks ago Sister Shumway talked to a girl from China in the subway. I tried so hard to tell her I wanted to meet and teach her about Christ, but she was kind of just confuse why I was talking to her. Well, after that, I got a Chinese booklet about the restoration and put them in my purse. A couple days later we were on the escalator going down into the subway, and Sister Cross pointed out that the EXACT SAME GIRL was right in front of us!!!! I tapped her on the shoulder and I gave her the book I had!!! It was so cool! I felt so redeemed for not having anything to share with her the time before.

The next morning, I went back to the supply garage and got 12 booklets in Chinese about different things. I was planning on leaving them in our apartment that night and just taking one with me until I gave it away. Later in the evening, while we were walking down a random little street contacting, a large group of Asian teenagers appeared in front of us!! I grabbed Sister Cross and freaked out, "There's a whole group of Chinese!!!" As we passed I listened to see if they were speaking Chinese, and they were! So I turned to them and started talking to them! Their faces were so shocked as they saw me, this little white girl, speaking to them in Chinese. It was so funny! They're from China, here to see some tourist stuff, and they're Christian! So I gave each one of them (there were 8) a book from the Church. It was so amazing. So cool.

On Saturday night we were walking through a park and I saw two Asian men, (I feel like I'm just stalking all the Asians in Sofia.....) so of course I tried to talk to them. They were from China too! They were both strong Atheists. One of them was really rude to me, yelled at me, and was completely against any idea of religion. The other one was really nice. I told him that I knew if he prayed, he would know there was a God because he would feel God. His eyes got big and he said, "Really?!" "Yeah!" I promised. I gave him a pamphlet in Chinese and I hope he kept it even though his friends were all being rough and rude.

Since Sofia has a lot of foreigners, we have tried a new thing contacting. One of us will take a Bulgarian Book of Mormon, and one of us will take one in a different language. Every time we've done this, we've talked to someone who spoke the different language and were able to give them the Book of Mormon. This week we talked to people from Russia, France, China, Germany, some African countries, and Iraq. I now have booklets in a variety of languages which I keep in my purse. I taught a man from France how to pray last night! Its really cool getting to help everyone from around the world learn more about Christ and His Church.

As for missionary work with Bulgarians....not a whole lot has happened. We are looking for a good strong woman to join the Church and strengthen Branch Sofia becuase right now the Priesthood is stronger than the Relief Society in the Branch. Its strange to me that in Bulgaria all the men are more interested and more spiritual than the women. I always imagined it being the opposite way around.

One cool thing about Bulgaria that I've thought about lately is its relationship with the 12 tribes of Israel. Last year a Patriarch came to Bulgaria and in the 20 blessings every tribe was mentioned. All the lost tribes! President reminded us that we are literally fulfilling the commission to gather the 12 tribes of Israel which is a huge honor and privilege. I know the people here are so special and have such great potential. I think in time the Church here will be enormous. It will just take time.

Lots of love from Bulgaria,
Sister Stenquist

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