Monday, August 5, 2013

Chalking and families

This week was so good, I enjoyed it thoroughly. Working with Sister Cross is really fun because her and I are both really similar. We both like working hard, fashion, art, health, and we get along really well. We've been working out really well in the mornings to be fit and happy. It's great!

We've been trying new ideas to find new people. Too often, we think of finding as just walking on the streets trying to stop people. We're trying to think outside of the box. One thing we did is side walk chalk in parks! IT was so cool! We chalked up different questions of the soul such as, "How can I balance between career and my family?" "How can I keep my family safe from bad influences?" "Why does God allow bad and suffering to happen" and we also chalked the whole plan of salvation in the park. Next to each thing, we left our number. Within a day, four people had called us!!! Just out of curiosity! I think we'll be able tomeet with one of the girls who called us, and I'm really excited. Thinking outside of the box really pays off.

On Monday a woman named Dimitrina came to English and said she wanted to learn more about the Church too. We met with her twice, and she already has a baptismal date. She's Bulgarian but lives in Magala Spain. She said she had looked for the Church in Spain for the past few years, but didn't find it. She goes back to Spain at the end of the week, so we're teaching her all we can while she's here and then sending her to find the missionariesin Spain and get baptized. She is so cool. Within two days she had read the whole introduction and 10 chapters of the Book of Mormon and had written down all her questions. She has a really pure, sweet heart and sincere desire to learn and join the Church.

Last night I got the coolest receive of my mission. It was absolutely amazing and humbling. We got to a light and it barely turned red. I thought, "I bet the timing of the light will help us have the right timing to meet the right people." A minute later a family with three kids (rare for Bulgaria) walked up to the light. The dad turned and looked at us. Then the mom did. Then they both did. So I walked up and said Hi! They asked us if we were Mormons and we said, "Yep!" but this didn't turn them off or scare them which is good. We talked them for about 15 minutes about their family and Christ, and they didn't mind waiting to cross the road. They were sincerely interested in talking to us, and not trying to hurry away like most people do. Their three kids were well-behaved, and watched us with smiles and big eyes. They said they'd love to meet with us again. They live right by our apartment, which is so convenient. They are strong Christians and pray together as a family every day. They're so cool! I am so excited to meet with them! Its an adorable family!!!

There are disappointments every day as people don't keep commitments, don't show up to appointments, or are mean. But I'm really really happy anyways. Sometimes I feel like I'm shining with happiness, and I just bounce around trying to help people. I love it!

That is all for this week. All the best!
Sister Stenquist

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