Monday, August 26, 2013

First week training!!

Training is so fun! Everything takes twice as long as usual, so we're always out of time, but that's okay. I am training Sister Ally Moderzitski from Alpine Utah. She's super cute! We have tons of things in common, such as: we both are dancers, we both go to BYU, we both love traveling, we both love camping, we both love chocolate and popcorn, we are both really really happy. We are also different in some ways, and we still get along great. She is so brave and unafraid! First day, after I explained contacting, she just walked right in front of people with arms open and a big smile to try and talk with them. I tell you, she's an unfearing little thing. She's 19 and her older sister is serving in Paris France right now! That's pretty cool. She's doing great with everything and training her is really easy. I pretty much just have to explain things, and she gets it and does it all perfectly.

I got a picture of Dimitrina's baptism in Spain!!!! I am so happy for her! She's always really happy and smiley, but in pictures she looks serious. So in the picture she looks super serious. I think on the inside she's grinning with joy, though, hopefully.

We have three investigators with baptismal dates which is great. Actually, they're our only investigators, but at least they're great ones! Stefka is still working towards her date on September 21 and she is just amazing. Living two hours away is hard, but she has so much faith. Sunny, 13 years old, now has a date for the 21 of September also. Sister Moderzitski committed her to get baptized her first day here! Sunny was going to go to the see with her dad for a couple of weeks and her baptismal date would have to be moved back. BUt she prayed that she could stay and not have to go to the beach. On their way out of the city, her dad asked her what was wrong, and she said she wanted to stay in Sofia, so he drove her back home and then left to the beach without her. Yay! To me, that's amazing that a 13 year old would rather be with missionaries and learn about Christ and do missionary work than go to the beach..... She's great. We also met Marina who has a date for 28 September. She's an adorable young woman who came to English and we met her for the first time. After English, we had a lesson with her, committed her to read the Book of Mormon, and committed her to baptism. It is always so miraculous to me when someone commits to baptism in the first appointment, especially when its your first time meeting them. But it happens! We'll see her tonight again for English and a lesson after.

This is the picture Dimitrina sent me of her baptism in Spain!!! I'm so happy for her!!! Lucy, her granddaughter, is so cute! Oh I love them so much.

I can't think of anything else exciting to tell you. Hopefully I'll have some fun stories to tell you next week.

Much love!
Sister Stenquist

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