Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Transfer Calls! The best of both worlds!!

Transfer calls! Six new sisters are coming in and I get to train one in Sofia! All of the sisters are under age 21! With all the new sisters, there will a sister being trained in every city that has sisters. That's crazy! In Ruse there is a threesome, with a new sister. I'm really excited to train and kind of grateful I'm not in a threesome for a whole transfer. President also asked me to be a sister trainer which is such an amazing opportunity. The other sister trainer is Sister Wild, who is absolutely amazing, so I get to learn and work with her often. Her and I will go around to all the cities to help the sisters. We also get to go to mission counsel which is so exciting and terrifying. I don't want to share my opinions in front of President and all the mission leaders--scary!. I am really grateful for the opportunities I have to serve this next transfer. I'll really have to step it up even more and do everything I know I need to. I mean, I always try to do what is best, but there's still improvement.

I remember when Heavenly Father told me to go on a mission, I knew I had to get everything done and go URGENTLY. I did everything I could to get my call and paperwork done as soon as possible. Then, in the October General Conference, President Monson announced the age changes for missionaries. When he announced it, I felt God telling me that THAT is why He wanted me to urgently get out into the mission field. I felt like He wanted me to be well trained and settled before the new, young sisters came in, so that I could help them. And now, it has all worked out just as God planned! I got out here, I've been trained by really good missionaries, and now I get to help the new sisters coming in. It is so amazing how God orders and organizes everything.

In August eveyone in Bulgaria goes on vacation, usually to the Black Sea, so the city is pretty empty and there's not many people to meet with. I'm really excited for September when University and schools will start. I think the work will pick up and go along faster.

Stefka is progressing and she is just amazing. She took a 2 hour bus to Sofia so she could go to church on Sunday. I think she liked the service, and she is just such a great example of unwavering faith. We wet a baptismal date for September 24 and she's so excited! We asked her why she loved this Church so much, and later she told us the answer is 2 Nephi 28. This chapter talks about apostasy and the works of the devil, in contrast with the ways and church of God. She has a testimony of the restoration and loves Christ so much. She is so amazing!

I gave a talk on Sunday on the Word of Wisdom and I think it went well. I related addiction to Peter walking on the water, and then falling when he lost faith. I know that overcoming addiction is a miracle that requires the power and grace of Jesus Christ. And even when we fall, he reaches out his hand to pick us back up again. I wanted to focus on that because a lot of new converts fall back into smoking, or drinking coffee, and they start to lose hope in themselves. I like testifying of the Savior and His power to save us.

The new missionaries come in on Wednesday! I'm so excited to meet them all! I remember being so terrified when I first got to Bulgaria.

Much love to you all!
Sister Stenquist

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