Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ups and Downs

Dear family and loved friends,

Dimitrina is in Spain and we've heard from the missionaries there that they've contacted her. Hopefully she'll get baptized on the 31 of August like we planned!

We haven't been able to get a hold of the family from last week but we're still trying to call to talk to them. I still have big hopes for the kids in the future.

We got to have a lesson with Stefka in Montana with Skype! President gave us permission to skype her once a week to teach her. She is so amazing! She had already read all the booklets we gave her, and is reading and loving the Book of Mormon. We talked about the Plan of Salvation, focusing on the Savior's role, and it was wonderful. She has a very touching testimony of the Savior which makes the Spirit so strong when we teach her, even though she's hours away. Its amazing how the Spirit can testify to all of us,  no matter where we are.

We also had a sad/hard lesson with a girl from Turkey named Yeliz. She's a quiet, shy, sweet girl who is interested in religion but has already determinedly decided to reject all religions as a practice. She's read all the Book of Mormon in the past week, but wanted to give it back to us. She told us that she thinks someday God will reveal the true religion and all truth will be combined into one. After she said that, I said, "That's already happened! Don't you remember Joseph Smith!" We encouraged her to pray and ask God but she's already set her heart on rejecting all religion and won't. It was so frustrating! I is so hard when good people have parts of truth, but have hardened their hearts on the fullness. Later in the lesson she said that she doesn't like socializing and has also rejected the idea of having a family. She wants to become a lawyer and just work and be alone all of her life. When she said that I had the saddest feeling inside. I could feel how much potential she has to go out and help others, how much eternal joy comes from a family, and yet she was rejecting these things. I don't understand why people settle for such loneliness and temporary satisfaction instead of searching out the best, eternal things. I told her I was sad for her because she is wasting talents that she could use to help others. I think that shocked her and hopefully opened her mind to reexamining her decisions.

We also got a new investigor named Sunny this week. She's 13 years old, adorable, and her mom is a member. She wants to get baptized and be a missionary in six years. After a lesson, she came with us out contacting. She saw how I was holding my book instead of having it in my bag, so she took hers out with the shiny gold letters outwards so everyone could see she was carrying The Book of Mormon. While we were contacting she was really enthusiastic and would point out people we should go talk to. She's a gem! I'm really excited to teach her!

This week is transfer calls and I'm really excited because there are lots of opportunities to train! There are 6 new sisters coming in this transfer, and 4 the next. This means that within 6 weeks 10/14 sisters will be new little bunnies being trained. Crazy! I would love to train, but we'll see what I'm asked to do. Most likely I'll be staying in Sofia for longer time.

Much love,
Sister Stenquist

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