Monday, September 2, 2013

Fall is here!

Fall is here in Sofia and I love it! The air is cooler, the leaves are starting to fall, and school starts in just a few weeks. I am so excited for pumpkin season at the end of October!

Mom requested more about English class. Every Monday night we have English class with three different levels. I teach first level which is so fun! We teach about ten new vocabulary words and help people use them in their own sentences. We ask questions and help them answer them, using the new vocabulary. Then at the end of class we have a spiritual thought and end in prayer. Usually there are about 4-5 people in our class. There's a really cute old man who is so fun to speak English with. They have such a hard time pronouncing the sound TH because there is no such thing in Bulgarian. Every class we go over it, and they still struggle.

On Tuesday this week we had Leadership Training with all the leaders in the mission, with Turkish leadership with us through skype. It was an amazing experience! We got trained by President, Sister Wilstead, and the Assistants about how to be good leaders in the mission. Then we had dinner (Subway sandwiches) and a testimony meeting. It was so uplifting and good. I am really grateful I was able to go!

Wednesday was an off day. I took a bus to Blagoevgrad to pick up Sister Modersitzki (she had been there while I was at training) and then we rode back. This means I didn't get personal or companionship study. Then we took a bus to a member's house to have a lesson, and it was a pure miracle I found her house. SHe lives far away, I had been there once before, and I didn't have her address written down. MIRACLE that we made it there! After that we had to run to pay bills, and run to the train station to pick up a bag Sister Modersitzki had lost. It was a really off day and I was so glad for it to be over.

Stefka is doing amazing. She accepted the law of tithing with so much faith and is still working to quit smoking. She took a bus from Varna at midnight to get to sofia by 7:00 in the morning in order to come to sacrament meeting. Amazing!!! I love her! Every time we teach her by skype I feel like I am standing on holy ground.

Sunny is also progressing so well. She's reading all about Nephi in the Book of Mormon and we're helping her apply the stories to her life. She told her friends about why she wants to be baptized and be a missionary. She is just amazing and I absolutely love her.

Its really fun watching Sister Modersitzki have her first crazy experiences in Bulgaria. For example....yesterday we were sitting at a bus stop when an old crazy beggar walked up to ask for money. She asked us for a few pennies, and I told her we can only help with spiritual things, not with material things or money. She seemed just fine with that, and told Sister Modersitzki how beautiful she is. Sister Modersitzki grinned and said thank you, and took the lady's hand when she reached out. The lady lifted Sister Mod's hand to her mouth and stuck out her tongue to lick it! Sister Mod pulled her hand away just in time and started apologizing for having pulled it away. Ha ha. The funny thing is, to me this didn't seem weird at all. Oh, an old crazy beggar tried to lick you. No big deal. Then I realized how strange this probably seemed to new little Sister Modersitzki. She keeps on looking around at all the displays of public affection (Europeans love celebrating the body and love in public) and just saying, "I just love Bulgaria." ha ha, quirky little Bulgaria, I love you too! What a joy to be in such an interesting place.

Bulgaria is so special and I am so honored to serve here. The people are fantastic and there are so many quirks here. Love it!!!

Much love to all of you. I hope you're also finding lots of opportunities to laugh and enjoy life!
Sister Stenquist

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